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Used Nissan Murano for Sale Near Me

Used Nissan Murano for Sale Near Me

At the moment there are not too many 2021 Nissan Murano’s since orders for them have been delayed by the computer chip shortage. So when my wife who had been interested in a 2021 Murano Platinum found out that there was one at Modern Nissan in Hickory North Carolina she was excited. We drove down on a Sunday but the dealership was closed. It was Wednesday before we got the opportunity to go back. Luckily it was still there. It was even the color that she was wanting, arctic white with black leather interior. I could tell from her joy as soon as she got behind the wheel for the test drive that we were going to buy it. The interior is as luxurious and any luxury car. The Bose sound system has a big clean sound with a generous amount of base. The panoramic sunroof lights up the inside wonderfully. On the highway the engine has a decent rumble from the dual exhaust. I probably should leave this part out, but the front emergency braking and the lane departure and mitigation sure makes me feel a lot safer riding with her. Its not a bad looking vehicle. Plus the Nissan fit and finish is excellent. There is plenty of storage space to accommodate her antiquing and enough zip to get her home quickly. It really doesn’t matter about the small details if it makes you happy and this car does that. So anyone who says it’s hard to see out of or it needs a V8 just remember. None of that matters if it makes you happy.

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