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Trains are arguably the most convenient mode of transportation and the train services carry millions of passengers to their destinations every day. Trains not only offer the best sightseeing opportunities in the long distance travelling, commuter trains are the most preferred way to cut down on traffic while travelling to and from the suburbs. Whether you have moved to a new city or you are a traveler on a leisure trip, it’s vital to know the train stations in your vicinity.

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At everything you wish for is available at your fingertips, you don’t have to struggle locating a train station near you. All you need to do is type your location with the required service. You will get all the information right on your computer screen.

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Trains travel can be divided into three main categories-Passenger trains, Commuter trains and Rapid Transit trains. There can be different stations for each of these services, therefore, specify the type when using our facility to locate a train station near you.

 Major Train Services in the United States

In the United States, passenger train services for long distance travelling (for intercity connective) are managed by the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, operating as Amtrak. Connecting 500 destinations in 46 states through more than 300 trains each day, Amtrak also offers train services from the United States to the Canadian provinces. Amtrak train services are not just comfortable but provide many travelling options to suit your requirements such as First Class, Business Class, and also the Reserved and Unreserved coaches. You can upgrade from a coach to the sleeper class by paying extra. Plan ahead to check the schedule between your destinations. There are various promotional offers and discounts on tickets if you book in advance. Visit Amtrak website to find the details and to book the tickets online if you are not keen on going to a travel agent.

Amtrak lines for passenger trains are separated from the ones for freight or good carriers. Acela Express line is the major Amtrak line, which runs between Boston and Washington, D.C., with halts in New Haven, New York City, Philadelphia and several other cities on the way. If you have book connecting trains and miss the second one due to the delay in the first train, Amtrak will ensure to book you on the next available train to your destination. If you arrive late and the delay causes you a break journey, Amtrak will provide you with the hotel voucher. For passengers from the coach, Amtrak’s Customer Service will offer travel vouchers of $100 or more after the completion of the journey. If you plan to board the train from any other station other than the one from where it originates, it’s better to check the time of arrival before heading to the station.

Commuter trains operate on fixed short-distance routes on a non-reservations basis. These services carry passengers mainly to and from the suburbs and closeby areas. Some of the commuter trains offer services only during the weekends or peak hours such as Go Transit or FrontRunner. Commuter trains issue weekly or monthly passes. If you don’t have a pass, you are charged for the specific station to station fare.

The rapid transit system in the United States is run by different agencies and also referred to as different names such as metro rails, subways, undergrounds or speed lines. These are the fastest mode to commute within the city.


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