Mexico City attracts a lot of visitors as the city has a diverse destination. The city has beautiful beaches, nightlife, a fascinating mix of native people, and cultural attractions. The place is considered as a little paradise. If you are planning to visit Mexico then here are the top 10 destinations that you should visit.

Top 10 destinations:

  1. Cancun

Cancun stands best in the lists of most visited places in Mexico. Here you can enjoy the view of the sun, beach resorts, and also can play a lot of water activities. It also has an underwater museum that is the most attractive spot. This place is a budget-friendly as you will get cheaper resorts here.

  1. Tulum

Tulum is not only famous for the sugar sand beaches and turquoise water, but also famous for excellent diving, breath-taking cenotes, and other beautiful nature reserves. If you want to stay away from the crowds, then this will be the best place to visit. It is the best place where we can have fun, relaxation, and adventure.

  1. Cozumel

It is located in the Caribbean Sea and it is one of the top places for diving in the Western Hemisphere. Here you can get a lot of things such as a t-shirt, jewelry, tequila, and Cuban cigars. The place is rich in fish and other marine life creatures.

  1. Mexico city

In Mexico City, you can get the best cuisine, ancient Aztec sites, and also world-class hotels at a very low cost. The place is loaded with stunning scenic views and one of the cities with more museums in the world. It is considered as a unique place as it offers a collision of city life and historic preservation. The city is started to become a heaven for foods and hipsters.

  1. Oaxaca

Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial city and also here you can see the traditional side of the Mexican city. There are several archaeological sites located here and also it is the home to unique kinds of foods. Oaxacan Handicrafts is the place where we can get a lot of crafted items. In this place, they celebrated a festival called Day of the Dead where you can see traditional dances of local indigenous culture.

  1. Puerto Vallarta

It is one of the places with major resort destinations and also home to the dynamic art scenes. It is the prettiest resort and offers a variety of activities to the travelers. Everyone will like this place as English is widely spoken. It is the most popular diving destination in Mexico and also you can view the dolphins here. Even some of the visitors have seen humpback whales.


  1. San Miguel De Allende

It is a 16th-century origin romantic city and a 500-year-old colonial city that has a baroque architecture and plenty of artisan shops for jewelry and handicraft accessories. It is located in the cool hills and this gem has a cobblestone street and picturesque churches inspired the visitors with its color, character, and light. If you want to have a stress free life then this will be the best place to choose.

  1. Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon got the name from its copper-green coloring. The place has a lot of breath-taking views and scenery and the second-highest waterfall in Mexico is Basaseachic falls is located here. It consists of a lot of adventurous activities such as biking, horse riding, and hiking. It is also a home of many indigenous people who live in mountains. These people will be isolated and independent from the rest of the world.

  1. Guadalajara

It is the second-largest city in Mexico and also has a variety of historic sites and remarkable museums. Even walking in the city will bring happiness to the visitors as the place is loaded with the sceneries. You can have the best nightlife as this the place where tequila and mariachi music are born. Here the travelers enjoy the music culture very much.

  1. Merida – Yucatan’s White City

Merinda is rich in its culture and also the place has a white stone mansion, vibrant Sunday markets, archaeological sites, and museums give the taste of old Mexico style. Every week they will arrange some cultural events and also on Sunday they will block the road traffic to allow the cyclist their way. This place will be hotter during the day so people will mostly work in the mornings and will take leave after lunch to enjoy the evening walk.

5 best Mexico travel tips:

  1. Safety Concerns

In recent times, Mexico City has developed an awful reputation for the safety of women. But these kinds of things will not happen in all the places, the central areas will be safe. And the government also has provided a lot of resources to ensure the safety of the visitors.

  1. Carry Pesos

In Mexico, most of the shops will accept the international cards but you should carry the cash in hands when moving to the corners of the Mexican City. But pay in Pesos instead of the US dollars so that you will get a better offer in Pesos.

  1. Try different foods

Mexican foods are freaking delicious so forget your diet and the street foods are best. The best thing is you can head for the stalls or ask any help from the local people. The Mexican food also has limitless regional and local variations.

  1. Car rental

Be careful while renting a car because the car rental companies will be full of scams and tricks to make you pay more. Initially, the car rental companies will offer cheaper prices but then they increase the fare gradually. Also, check whether the car drivers have insurance.

  1. Know the Mexican bathrooms

In Mexico, the word for women starts with the letter “M”, so if you see the M letter in the restroom door then it is the women’s washroom. Also, deposit the toilet papers in the bin, and you shouldn’t flush the papers.


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