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Thought Cutlery Was Free? Spanish Restaurant Charged Buyer For This And Extra

A stunning ambience, comforting decor, a unique atmosphere and of course, great food – all these are the elements that make up a good restaurant. We usually assume that most eateries would incorporate the costs of these into their prices and thus charge customers accordingly. However, one recent Spanish customer was left shocked after his visit to a restaurant. Much to his surprise, the restaurant billed him for things such as the cutlery he used and even how many times he called the waiter while he was dining on the terrace. Take a look:

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The picture was shared on Twitter by user Blas Galey Hermoso in response to a Twitter thread. In the thread, people were discussing how they were wrongfully charged for things that were way beyond their expectations. While the discussion had happened in November 2021, it has been garnering attention online once again.

Blas Galey Hermoso too shared all about the time when he visited a place called the Imperial Bar in Benavente, a town in Spain. “A curious thing happened to us a few days ago in Benavente. Every time the waiter came to the terrace table to bring something: beer, the tapas he charged us 20 cents,” revealed Hermoso in his tweet written in Spanish. In the bill, we could see a 20-cent charge levied for ‘Servicio Terraza’ or terrace service with multiple entries against it. Further, the customer was even charged 1 Euro for the ‘servicio cuberto’ or cutlery charge. “The last straw was the euro that he charged us to put some cutlery to cut a toast that we had ordered,” the customer complained.

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persian terrace

Terrace dining costed extra for the customer too. Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Spanish customer’s issue resonated with many users across the internet. People said that he should have actually taken the cutlery with him since the restaurant billed him for it. According to Spanish News Today, however, restaurants normally charged extra for being served away from the bar at the terrace. The Imperial Bar also insisted that the 20-cent charge was levied for the drinks and not for the service itself.

What did you think of this bizarre story? Do you resonate with what the Spanish customer lamented? Tell us in the comments.

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