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The Treatment for Sad Clients

Connected Communications - Nextiva

It’s a customer-first world. With so many options at our fingertips, it’s easy —  and wise — to only remain loyal to brands that give us the best price, the most convenience, and the fastest service. If we’re not satisfied with one business, there are many others to choose from.

Brands like Amazon and Apple have perfected this system. They have the resources to understand what we want as consumers and deliver it, consistently. In response, smaller businesses have adopted dozens of applications in a quest to know their customers and, ultimately, improve experiences. But it’s a game they can’t win. They end up with technologies that don’t integrate, mountains of data, and few relevant insights.

That’s changing. Advances in AI and automation are making it possible to leverage new capabilities within voice, chat, and video tools. With Connected Communications, businesses can now gather relevant customer insights and easily share them with the people who need them, exactly when they need them most.

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Jeff Hermann is a senior content marketing manager at Nextiva. He blends product knowledge, customer empathy, and writing savvy to create content that helps you understand how Nextiva solves business communication and customer engagement problems. He loves when technology helps people be better at what they want to be better at.



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