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Suggestions To Keep Menstrual Hygiene

Menstruation is a time when women are at heightened risk of contracting urogenital infections. These are often caused by bacteria entering the body through urinary tract and infecting uterus and pelvic cavity. Therefore, maintaining menstrual hygiene is important for all women. A minor negligence might also result in yeast infection, which is caused by the overgrowth of yeast such as Candida on an area of the body. Changes in vaginal pH also makes yeast infections more likely.

However, following the below-mentioned tips might help you maintain menstrual hygiene:

1. Avoid tight-fitted clothes
Wearing tight clothes could lead to more sweating and thus, promote the growth of bacteria. Do not wear skinny jeans, tight shorts, or tight underwear continuously for long duration. Tight clothes plus humidity can cause rashes, vaginal infections, and UTIs. Go for breathable cotton underwear.

2. Use heating pads
Many experience menstrual cramps before the onset of their periods or after their period begins. Feeling mild to heavy cramps in the thighs, abdomen, and lower back during menstruation is normal. You can get relief from the pain by applying a heating pad to your lower back and abdomen.

3. Eat healthy and stay hydrate
Eat plenty of fruits before, during and after your menstruation. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

4.Change your sanitary napkins frequently
Always choose the right kind of sanitary napkins (pads), tampons and menstrual cups. Make sure you change your pads or tampons or drain your menstrual cup frequently.


5. Shower at least twice a day
Take at least two showers in a day. This will keep you clean, fresh, and will prevent body odour and infections.

6. Soap or intimate wash
Vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Doctors suggest to wash vulva with lukewarm water to avoid disturbing the pH balance. Do not try to wash vulva with fancy soaps and use intimate wash as directed by the doctor.

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