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Son Pranks Mom By Serving French Toast Made Of Dish Scrub; Web Is Amused

Waking up in the morning can be a task for many. But making breakfast after waking up can be truly tedious! We barely can open our eyes, let alone prepare a full-fledged meal in the morning. As kids, we had the bliss of having our breakfast ready in the morning but we have lost this privilege as adults. On days when someone prepares breakfast for us, we feel so happy and grateful for the gesture. However, one woman on the internet wasn’t so happy about it! Recently, she was surprised with a full breakfast by her son, and upon eating it, it turned out to be quite a disappointment. Take a look:

A man decided to prepare French toast to surprise his mother for breakfast, but instead of giving her a pleasant surprise, he decided to prank her! In the video, we see him preparing French toast by cracking eggs and adding sugar. But, instead of using bread, he uses a dish scrub! The man cooks the dish scrub just like the bread – soaking the scrub in whisked eggs, toasting it on the pan and serving it with sprinkled confectionery sugar. When the mother saw the breakfast, she was happy by her son’s gesture. But when she took a bite, she was highly confused while chewing it. And when she realized it was not bread, she spat the dish scrub out of her mouth!

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The video was uploaded on Instagram by @nnamdianunobi and it has 442k views along with 19.1k likes. People on the internet were shocked and amused by the prank! Here’s how they reacted to it:

“God Forbid!!!”

“Why do that to your (*sic*) mama…she said God forbid “

“If I’m in this house, I will have trust issues”

“That’s so funny I might try that on my hubby”

“She went for a round 2 bite”

What did you think of this prank? Would you pull a prank like this at home with your family? Do tell us in the comments section below!



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