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Shield your hair from harm throughout monsoon

Beautiful rains bring with them a huge relief. Mercury level drops and finally there is respite from torturing summers. Unfortunately, this beautiful weather is the harshest on hair health. Most people experience unusually high hair fall during the monsoon season. High humidity and sweat increases dandruff for many, makes the hair frizzier, makes it limp, heavy and lifeless.

So during monsoons hair demand better care so that they can stay healthy and fabulous. Talking about haircare during monsoon Rachit Gupta, CEO and MD, OxyGlow Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. feels, “The golden rule for haircare is to follow those things and use those products which make the hair healthy from inside so that it can fend against damage caused by the harsh effects of weather and weather change. Healthy hair will always look beautiful. Apart from regular cleansing and conditioning, one needs to protect one’s hair with serum and strengthen it with the boost of protein during monsoons. One might also feel the need to change products during the season. It is not necessary that a product that suits your hair needs during summers or winters will be the best choice for monsoons as well.”

With simple care taken regularly and the right ingredient-based products, one can ensure healthy hair even when the weather is not cordial. Here is how:

Protect your hair – protect your hair from the rain water. Rain more often comes down with pollution and toxins, so when exposed to such water your hair might get damaged. If your hair does get wet in rain, cleanse it as soon as you reach home.

Keep it clean – the longer rain water, sweat, pollution and impurities stay in contact with your hair, the more damage they will cause. It is very important to keep your hair and scalp clean with a good quality natural ingredient-based shampoo. Opt for a shampoo which is protein and keratin rich as it will not only keep it clean but also work on reducing damage.

Keep it nourished – your hair needs a boost of nourishment regularly, especially during monsoons. The best way to provide nourishment to your hair is through a good oil message at least twice a week. According to your hair texture and hair nourishment needs, choose a good natural ingredient hair oil such as Argan Oil, Amla Shikakai Hair Tonic, Bringraj Regrowth Hair Oil or Red Onion hair oil, etc. The right hair oil will prevent hair fall dramatically. Nutrients that an oil provides to the hair is unmatched, that is why traditionally hair oil has been used for hair care. One can keep the hair oil overnight or keep it for two hours and rinse it thoroughly for lustrous hair.

Keep it hydrated – always follow a good and thorough hair wash with effective conditioning. Conditioning as you would know helps in keeping the natural hair moisture intact, controls frizziness, soothes the hair, makes it bouncy yet manageable and protects it from damage. Conditioning is recommended for all types of hair. Apart from regular conditioning, one should also adopt deep conditioning from time to time. A hair mask or cream that gives extra dose of hydration to the hair that leaves it shining, soft and rejuvenated. One can never go wrong with a keratin and protein rich conditioner for hair.

Shield it well – To save your hair from further damage, finish your hair care routine with a good hair serum. A good hair serum will create a protective layer on the hair but not make it oily, it would shield the hair against damage caused by air and pollution. A little bit of care can give you great looking hair.



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