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ShareASale releases new affiliate discovery and recruitment instrument

Leveraging crowd-sourced intelligence, ShareASale has updated its Recruitment Tool with over 40,000 newly categorized and tagged publishers to optimize the time-consuming task of building new partnerships.

Using crowd-sourced intelligence, we have tagged and categorized thousands of affiliates by type and vertical. Across over 40 groups inside the Recruitment Tool, you can now easily discover and target the most valuable partners for your business, including desired social media affiliates active on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Use these new tags to diversify your partner mix, reach new audiences and drive results.

Additional updates include:

  • 10,000 new Instagram affiliates added
  • New, targeted opportunities based on live
    merchants’ affiliate classifications

How do I use the enhanced Recruitment Tool?

Once logged into your ShareASale merchant account, click ‘Tools’
> ‘Recruitment
’ to discover new partnership
opportunities under ‘Curated
Search Categories’.

To use the

  • Create a “basket” to select the partners you wish to invite. On the left-hand
    side, label your basket by entering a name in the ‘New Basket Name’ field, then
    click ‘Create’
  • Once created, select desirable tags to browse active affiliates. Each
    profile contains relevant publisher information and any other categories in
    which an affiliate is tagged
  • Use the ‘Add to Basket’ drop-down to add desired partners to your
    basked, then hit ‘Save’
  • Finally, select the Invite’ button to compose and send an invitation
    to all chosen partners

You can review a basket’s contents at any time by clicking the basket name on the left-hand side of the Recruitment Tool.

Happy recruiting! For any questions, please email ShareASale@ShareASale.com.



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