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Rotterdam: Two boats collide and one capsizes in horror scenes – casualties unknown | World | Information

Video footage shared online has captured the moment two boats came into contact close to the Erasmus Bridge. The smallest of these, reportedly a water taxi, is understood to have capsized.

The other – what appears to be a tour boat – appeared to remain largely undamaged.

The states of those on board is not yet known.

People in the area have reported a large number of emergency service personnel around the scene of the collision.

Posting a video on Twitter from above the bridge, user @sunsetlifesaarv wrote: “Water taxi flipped in water.

“There is insane amount of fire trucks and police cars.”

After capsizing, the water taxi sank completely, according to reports.

On board the boat was a captain and five passengers, De Telegraaf said.

Among these was a child.

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He said: “I saw a man being lifted on a stretcher.

“Divers have entered the water.

“There is a lot of police on their feet, and many people are watching on the Erasmus Bridge.”

The incident has been declared a “Major Water Accident”, according to reports.



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