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Putin puppet claimed Ukraine ought to now not exist as a rustic | World | Information

Head of RT Margarita Simonyan claimed that Russia should build a future with culture and heating, but firmly stated that Russia should do it without Ukraine. Simonyan claimed that neighbouring Ukraine cannot go on existing. Rossiya- 1 host Vladimir Solovyov chimed in to back up Simonyan’s points and compared Ukraine to a cat full of worms. Solovyov compared the Ukrainian people to worms that were being treated by Russia, in which he compared to the doctor, who was killing them.

Simonyan added: “It won’t be a Ukraine any longer.”

Solovyov then said: “When a doctor is deworming a cat, for the doctor it’s a special operation, for the worms it’s a war, and for the cat, it’s a cleansing.”

Simonyan agreed: “Exactly!” 

Russia has been ramping up its war efforts in recent weeks, with many fearing that Russia will do almost anything to win including using nuclear weapons on Ukraine.

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A war expert from Loughborough University, Dr Paul Maddrell said: “If I were the president of Ukraine, I’d strongly be considering developing nuclear weapons. Ukraine had nuclear weapons in the 1990s when the Soviet Union collapsed.

“There were nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory, which became Ukraine’s and Ukraine agreed to give them up to denuclearise Europe and make it a safer place.

“Well, if it had kept those nuclear weapons, Putin would not have invaded because he would have faced a nuclear attack on his country.

“Zelensky, if he’s prevented from joining NATO, may well think that the only way forward is to develop nuclear weapons – as he may do.”




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