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Prince Harry portrayed ‘misery’ alerts with ‘fidgeting’ at UN

Prince Harry portrayed distress signals with fidgeting at UN
Prince Harry portrayed ‘distress’ signals with ‘fidgeting’ at UN

Prince Harry thinks of  Meghan Markle as his strength amongst testing moments.

Body language expert Darren Stanton revealed that the Duke of Sussex seemed very nervous of his surrounding at the General Assembly and was terrified ahead of giving a speech on Nelson Mandela.

The expert said: “Harry appeared nervous from the outset. While he’s not really an accomplished public speaker, he still has a great deal of confidence to address a large number of people, however, this didn’t seem to be one of those occasions.

“Harry portrayed distress signals that denoted his uneasiness on stage and how he was feeling slightly overwhelmed by the situation. Mr Stanton added that as Harry spoke, he “kept biting his lip”.

This, the expert claimed, is a “self reassurance gesture we make when we’re feeling anxious, and he was fidgeting with the button on his suit jacket.”

Meanwhile, Meghan acted a shield for Harry, protecting him from his discomfort: “As well as holding Meghan’s hand, he was seen adjusting his jacket or tucking his hand into his side behind his jacket.

“There’s no denying that Harry isn’t hugely comfortable being in the spotlight and in these situations he leans on Meghan as his rock.



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