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Prince Harry noticed in ‘self-righteous anger’ throughout UN speech: Professional

Prince Harry spotted in self-righteous anger during UN speech: Expert
Prince Harry spotted in ‘self-righteous anger’ during UN speech: Expert

Prince Harry   supposed speech about Nelson Mandela did not have enough content on the leader, says expert.

The Duke of Sussex, who arrived in new York Monday with wife Meghan Markle, attended the UN General Assembly session to mark Nelson Mandela Day.

During the event, Harry paid a tribute to the heroic leader and his work for Africa.

Speaking of the speech, author Alexander Larman claims: “Harry’s speech was much the same as his other recent offerings, combining a sense of self-righteous anger with a clunking reminder of his (and his family’s) right-on credentials.”

He expressed his views in an opinion piece for The Spectator on Monday, saying: “Although his speech was supposedly about climate change – appropriately enough, given that his former home country has been sweltering in the hottest day on record – he managed to cover a range of topics, most of which seemed to have little to do with Mandela himself.”

While Mr Larman added that “it is hard not to feel a sense of the old tunes being played once again”.

He added: “Making the speech while clothed in the enduring righteousness of Mandela has given it an importance that, based on its contents, it once again doesn’t deserve.”

In his speech at the UN, Harry spoke about Ukraine War, Roe VS Wade ruling and crisis in Africa.



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