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Prince Harry goes into ‘panic’ mode, retains ‘stalling memoir edits’: Insider

Prince Harry goes into panic mode, keeps stalling memoir edits: Insider
Prince Harry goes into ‘panic’ mode, keeps ‘stalling memoir edits’: Insider

Prince Harry is seemingly making big adjustments to his bombshell memoir over ‘panic’.  

The Duke of Sussex’s heartfelt memoir, which is seemingly delayed due to constant edits, will create another ‘war’ between the royals and Harry.

An insider tells Heat World: “Harry is struggling with the pressure and keeps changing his mind on what to include in the book,” the insider said.

“Every passage is being revised again and again. Harry keeps remembering new things he wants to include, and then suddenly panics about toning down certain anecdotes.

“It’s been going on like this for months, and with the print date looming, he has to make a decision to officially put it on hold or pull the trigger and hope for the best.”

“Harry knows there will be a huge fallout once this memoir finally hits the shelves,” the insider said.

“Meghan is urging him to tell his truth and not hide what really happened, but he’s worried sick it will lead to a new war with the royals – one he’ll never be able to come back from. He feels caught between a rock and a hard place, which is why he keeps stalling on edits.”



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