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Prince Harry accused of ‘betraying’ Royal Household at poignant second

Prince Harry has been accused of ‘betraying’ the Royal Family ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral last year, with a royal author claiming that the Duke of Sussex was aware of the damage he had done.

The claim was made by royal author Tom Bower in his new bombshell book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, in which he talked about Harry visiting the UK for the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral soon after putting the family on blast.

As per an excerpt from Bower’s book, “During that short procession many watched whether Harry signalled any regret towards his family.”

“Some interpreted his sideways glance towards William as the outsider’s unease. No one grasped the truth about Harry’s nervousness. In four weeks, his Apple TV series about mental health would be broadcast. Transmission had been delayed until after the funeral.”

Bower continued: “Looking at his family standing in St George’s Chapel, Harry must have known that his damnation of them in the Apple TV series would widen the rift.”

“Sitting alone and isolated, the 94-year-old monarch’s grief was concealed behind a black mask. Everyone was moved by her dignity. William looked tense, Kate serene, Charles visibly anguished. Only Harry’s expression defied accurate reporting.”

Bower then said: “Flapping his order of service against his thighs as he left the chapel, he was clearly impatient… None knew that Harry, the once adored young prince, had betrayed his whole family.”

Prince Harry notably called the Royal Family out for not supporting him during his mental health struggles in the Apple TV series The Me You Can’t See.



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