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Port Strategy | Port growth masterplan

Port Strategy | Port growth masterplan


Port of Açu
HPC believe digital masterplans are key to port success. Photo: HPC

A digital growth masterplan is being developed at a South American port to aid smart development.

This Smart Port Digital Growth Masterplan project for Brazil’s Port of Açu (PdA) will comprise a proposal to digitise the different stages of the logistical process. It aims to develop a five to ten years’ concept for the technological platform of PdA and its ecosystem, focused on exploring operations, attracting new and technologically aligned businesses, and establishing a governance plan and systems architecture.

Pablo Bowen, an associate partner at project partner HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, said: “For a world-class port, digital masterplans are key to achieve future success. It is not about implementing all the different technologies available; it is a matter of selecting the appropriate ones that will support and add real value to your business.”

More efficient decisions

PdA anticipates being able to analyse medium and long term trends and generating more efficiency For example, reducing the handling/berthing time for ships operations and connecting all clusters and production steps, such as movement statistics, availability, maritime safety data, customer specifics. Plus, engagement with all stakeholders in the ecosystem, following the integrated digital supply chain and smart port community concept.

To carry out the project, HPC is collaborating with Radix Engineering and Software, the Supply Chain & Logistics Technology Program of the University of Houston and UTC Overseas, Inc.

To develop the project, Radix has conducted a thorough analysis of the current asset structure, while HPC has done a survey of essential technology for the future vision as a Digital Port. In addition, a technological governance plan was established, and the architecture design recommended for the business systems.

The project partners also aim to help ease data-based decision-making and enable PdA to react more quickly to the market with a leaner, more reliable and cost-effective cargo movement.


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