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Online Betting in India: A Beginner’s Guide

Online Betting in India: A Beginner’s Guide

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Online betting has been gaining immense traction in the Indian market for a while now. The primary reason for the same is how online betting is advertised to the general public. Brands are roping in famous cricketers or other sporting giants for their advertisements. Hence, it is safe to say online betting in India is legal, but there are certain places in which a grey area looms around. 

So, let’s get started with the same and understand how you can mint money within the online betting industry. Additionally, blackjack-based online betting games have gained immense hype in the last year and a half, so it is crucial to know about the blackjack rules.

To start with online betting, an interested candidate should look for online casinos or betting sites. After finding the right site, you can register and deposit, and voila! You are good to go. It looks easy, doesn’t it? But that is often not the case. The only reason for saying this is that the increasing popularity of online betting has made it possible for certain fraudulent mediators to mint cash. 

Complete Guide on Online Betting in India

  • Go through the following points before selecting the vendor:
  • Look out the amount they charge per transaction or for each bet. After a lot of research, it can be ascertained that sites using the word “free” are illegitimate. Legitimate sites will often place a base rate for each bet. Such as, for every successful bet, 5% will be charged as a service commission. However, it might not be the case where “service commission” is the exact word used.  
  • People who claim they have insider information are often and mostly bad news. Such advertisements are only made to incur traffic on their website. Mostly, they will not have any legitimate backings.
  • Search for market players who are offering a balanced view on the bets so placed. Realistic expectations can only be created when the casino is not guaranteeing you maximum payout on unfavorable odds. Yet again, such sites are created to incur traffic and not to help you earn money. 
  • After checking the vendor’s legitimacy, look down below to understand how to choose the right vendor among the shortlisted ones:
  • Betting odds distribution should be the first key point you should look out for. If things look favorable on one site, compare it with various sites to decide.
  • After checking on the betting odds distribution, look out for the list that carries various sports leagues that the vendor hosts. Leagues can range from IPL to FIFA, or it can be a simple blackjack game. To increase your chances of minting money in the blackjack game, you should pay heed to the blackjack rules
  • Check for the payment options. This is one of the quintessential steps to partake. Unfortunately, the majority of the legitimate players have illegitimate cash loading options. Look for options such as “Pay via credit/debit card” or a trusted merchant. Avoid payment gateway which takes you to an offshore site. That being said, look out at the “withdrawal policies” as well, as there are legitimate sites that offer in-time payment, while others might not. Hence, look for sites that suit your preferences. 
  • You should also look for various online reviews and look for sites that do not promote paid advertisements to lure traffic. Lastly, look for a sign-on bonus or benefits. The majority of the players present in the industry offer such bonuses to retain their clientele. 

In a plethora of offerings available, you should only bet on things you understand. For example, if you know all the blackjack rules, then you should play card games and predominantly blackjack. On the other hand, suppose you are confident with your cricketing skills, you should not wander onto the card betting segment. Therefore, look out for games in which you contain substantial information so that you can maximize your earnings. 


The pointers mentioned above should help you a great deal while doing online betting in India. However, it is best to prioritize your needs while looking for sites based on their offerings. Avoid getting tempted by things that several sites offer which might or might not be relevant to you. 

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