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OLD Man Dances with Foreigner on O O Jane Jana

OLD Man Dances with Foreigner on O O Jane Jana


A viral video has taken internet by storm in which an old man dancing on an Indian street with a foreigner. In the video, a foreigner can be seen displaying his dance skills on a Bollywood song as a crowd gathers around him to watch. As he dances on O O Jane Jana an overjoyed old man decides to join him.
While the street dancer performs the moves from the song, the old man just enjoys himself and makes up steps as he goes. The dancer returns this enthusiasm by freestyle dancing with him and shaking the man’s hand in the end.

The video was shared on Twitter a few days ago. Netizens responded to the tweet applauding the ‘dadaji’ for his amazing dance moves. A user commented saying, “Keep it up Dadu!” Another Twitter user said, “Ye hamare dadaji he bhartiya dadaji”. Here are some of the comments from the video:


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