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‘Nurturing’ Meghan Markle soothes ‘nervous’ Prince Harry

Nurturing Meghan Markle soothes nervous Prince Harry
‘Nurturing’ Meghan Markle soothes ‘nervous’ Prince Harry

Meghan Markle makes Prince Harry hold his head up high in public gatherings.

Of their latest UN appearance, body language expert Judi James of the Duchess of Sussex: “Meghan is the professional when it comes to performing and she is never seen looking nervous or anything other than confident before a speech.

“This could be why she goes into nurturing mode, correcting his refusal of the hand clasp by pulling the hand into her lap and cradling his arm with her left hand. She also glances down at the clasp as though checking it out.

“Her nurturing mode is also apparent when she hears a woman behind them coughing and immediately get her a bottle of water from her bag.

“Meghan may have decided to be insistent about the double hand clasp because she could ‘feel’ and see Harry’s nerves building up, like a parent will often read a child and move in to soothe or calm in a pre-emptive gesture.

“Was Harry’s mood anything other than nervous? Is he the surrendered male some people claim?

“His response to the corrective clasp looks positive as his fingers curl around hers, plus once he has finished his speech he sits back beside her and seems to instigate the same clasp.”



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