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No Salaries for 5 Months, SSA Academics in Meghalaya Hit Streets

Deprived of their salaries for five months, several hundreds of the SSA teachers in Meghalaya under the umbrella of the Meghalaya SSA Schools’ Association (MSSASA) are on the street as they sit for an indefinite protest at Shillong. The All India Trinamool Congress Vice President and legislator George B Lyngdoh led the AITC Meghalaya delegation to visit the teachers.

Talking to reporters, Lyngdoh said, “We have to get to the root of the issue. We have to talk to the central government in this case. It seems that we have to get a response from the central government as to what is happening in Meghalaya that the teachers are being deprived of their salaries for six months.”

Asserting that the state government is playing with the rights of the teachers, the AITC leader alleged there is a lack of coordination among the Ministers and their respective departments.

“It seems that the Government is talking in Different tones, in the Assembly they are talking differently, and to the teachers if they go to one table they say something, if they go to another table they are saying something. There is no teamwork and there is no cohesiveness amongst the Government,” Lyngdoh said.

The visibly emotional teachers met the AITC Vice President as they air their grievances.

Stating the state Government is trying to give flimsy reason to the teachers, George said, “We have learnt is that the State Government itself is not in the same line, all the Ministers and the officers and the Chief Minister, they have been talking in different tones that is what we are learning now from the functionaries. So we are of the view that now it seems that they are not serious about solving this problem.”

It may be mentioned that earlier in a meeting, the Education Department informed the SSA teachers that the reason for the delay of the pending salaries is with the State Finance Department of Rs 44 crores approx has not been released by the finance department.

On the financial constraints reportedly faced by the state, he said, “That is happening in the last four and half years, they (Government) have not been handling the financial situation in the state very well.”

The AITC leader further slammed the State Government for taking loans and putting an additional burden on the state.

“They have been taking loans which are not required, and rather than paying the dues that are meant for the actual expenditure of the Government, they are paying the interest of the loan that is not required for the Government to take, so, therefore, this entire fiscal mismanagement is because of the Government so they have to take collective responsibility, they cannot just say that because there is no money we cannot pay,” he said adding that it is the responsibility of the Government are fulfilled and to get the money for the citizens.

The four-tier demand of the SSA teachers includes the five months’ salary of SSA teachers has to be released; secondly, the salaries of SSA teachers must be enhanced. The third demand is more provisions for teachers in the budget, and lastly, the emerging and shifting of all existing SSA teachers from State Implementation Society to the education department.

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