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Need To Assist Your Associate In Stress? 5 Issues To Bear in mind

When you are in a relationship with someone, you support your partner both in good and bad times. Many times you may find your partner in distress. In such a situation, your first instinct should be to help him or her in every possible way.

However, your sincere efforts don’t need to reduce your partner’s stress. Counsellor Lucille Shackleton has shared a great Instagram post on how you can comfort your partner who is in distress.

According to Shackleton’s post, you should not necessarily aim to solve your partner’s problems or reduce his or her stress. You should realise that being a good partner is a process of a lifetime. You may not be able to understand your partner properly every time as you are neither a mind reader nor a psychologist.

At the same time, you can take some steps to ensure that you don’t exacerbate your partner’s stress. This will make your partner feel comfortable around you.

How to reduce your partner’s stress

Remain calm

If you remain calm, your partner will also remain calm and will be able to tackle stress more maturely. If you remain restless, your partner may become more upset.

Listen to your partner

Several times, you can reduce stress by just sharing your problems with your partner. Therefore, if your partner wants to say something, listen to his or her words and try to be understanding.

Acknowledge your partner’s problems

Show your partner that you are taking their words seriously and comfort them. Don’t be aloof to your partner.

Ask what you can do for your partner

Ask your partner how you can help them or what you can do now to reduce their stress. You can offer them tea or coffee. You could also give chocolates to your partner or listen to cheerful music together.

Try to solve your partner’s problems

If you feel that you understand what is bothering your partner and you can do something, try it to reduce their tension.

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