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Mother and father trainer assembly: Do’s and don’ts in a PTM dad and mom ought to pay attention to

Parents-teacher meetings (PTM) become an integral part of your life, once your kid starts going to school. Just like life, PTMs throw lemons at you sometimes and it totally depends on you whether you intend to let them hit you hard or grab them and prepare lemonade.

PTMs are the occasional meetings where everything about the child is discussed by the parents and teachers. They can be weekly, monthly, bi-monthly depending on the school management. Rules apart, there are several etiquettes parents should be aware of about PTMs. Parents should also be mindful of the interaction that they have during the meeting.

Remember, it’s not just a regular 20-30 minutes meeting!

PTMs are not sugar coated

Always remember that PTMs are honest. They are way too honest to care about what sentiments you hold for your child.

When you are going to a PTM make sure to keep your emotional and protective side somewhere tightly sealed and bolted. Never hold grudges if you hear anything negative about your child. It might be that these qualities have been overlooked by you and the teacher caught it right away.

PTMs are revelations

Do not expect to hear the obvious during the PTMs. Always remain prepared for shocking revelations about your child; even at times things that you might not have imagined about your child may get revealed by the teacher.

For example, your child may be a silent and observant one in the home, but in school he or she might be giving back answers and witty replies to teachers and fellow classmates.

PTMs should be welcomed

Do not get embarrassed if you get complaints about your child’s behaviour during a PTM. Do not stop attending the PTM; do not take the blame on yourself.

Be regular to PTMs. In this manner you can get an idea about the progress in your child’s academics, and improvements in his or her social behaviour.

Things parents should do in a PTM

Here are few pointers to help you understand what to do before and during a PTM:

  • Note the date and time and do not miss attending the meeting
  • Be on time for the meeting; nobody likes waiting
  • Prepare yourself the day before the meeting
  • Make a note of things that you wish to tell the teachers
  • Talk to your child; ask him or her about the problems he or she is facing in school
  • Be gentle in your approach while speaking to the teachers
  • Prepare a thank you list as well; do not forget to thank the teacher for the effort

Things parents should never do in a PTM

  • Do not be late to the meeting
  • Be in your best self; remember it’s about your child, your mannerism will decide the impression the teacher builds for your child
  • Do not shout at your child in front of the teacher
  • Do not argue with the teacher in front of the child
  • Be a calm listener
  • Do not overreact to the complaints, if there are any
  • Do not brag about your child; the teacher knows your child as much as you do!

Few questions you should not miss asking during a PTM

Parents have tons of things to ask and understand during a PTM. However, time being a constraint, you can stick to a few core questions which can pretty sum up everything that you might be interested to know about your kid.

Questions like “Is my child sociable?” or “Is my child good at school” would prompt the teacher to speak more about the child including academics and non-academics than when asked short questions like “Is my child good at studies?”.

Other core questions are: “Is my child doing his or her best?”, “Is my child emotional?”, “Is my child attentive in class?”, “In which areas does my child need improvement?”

The idea of asking questions about the child will invite answers in the form of feedback. It would also give you suggestions which will be essential for you.



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