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Liz Truss is main within the race to succeed Boris Johnson in Polls

Polls give British Foreign Minister Liz Truss an advantage in the final race for the new head of the Conservative Party and automatically the country’s prime minister over her rival, former finance minister Rishi Sunak, whose economic performance she attacks.

The former British Minister of Finance Rishi Sunak and the head of the diplomacy Liz Truss remained the only candidates for the new leader of the Conservative Party, who will also become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

In yesterday’s fifth round of voting for the successor of the outgoing Prime Minister and Conservative leader Boris Johnson, Sunak received the most votes, Trus was second, and the third-placed Penny Mordant, Secretary of State for Trade and former Minister of Defense, was eliminated.

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The decision on the winner is made by members of the Conservative Party, and the results will be announced on September 5.

The last two candidates presented their programs in the media. Both consider themselves best positioned to fight the next election in 2024 against the Labor opposition.

However, according to the JuGav Institute survey published today, Liz Trus has a convincing lead over Rishi Sunak with 62 percent of the vote compared to his 38 percent. In addition, 40 percent of respondents said that they could not trust Risha Sunak.

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A former finance minister tonight claimed he is in the best position to beat Labor in the general election.




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