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Cheap Kayak Rentals Near Me

Nothing is quite as fun as enjoying a day out on the water in the hot sun. One of the most popular ways to enjoy a day on the lake or on the ocean is by renting a kayak near me and heading out for a day trip or overnight adventure. There are over 117 MILLION lakes in the world – with many of them being right here in North America.

Finding a kayak rental location near me isn’t as difficult as you might think, there are a number of boat rental companies and other smaller boutique shops that tailor their experience for seasonal kayakers and tourists.

Kayak Rentals Near Me – Using The Map

Use the above Google Map to find the closest kayak rental location. You can find operation hours, locations, phone numbers, and more right from the map results. This is the best way to locate a shop that will rent you a kayak.

Tips for kayak rentals

Before you pull the trigger on the first company and the first kayak there are a few things that you should be aware of beforehand.

  • Location is key. Remember that you’ll need to kayak on the water so if you aren’t renting from a shop located right on the ocean or lake, you’re going to have to transport the kayak somehow. Don’t always expect the company to deliver.
  • Plan your adventure before renting the kayak. Are you going out for a day trip? An overnight adventure? How many people are going? Will you be bringing gear? A good kayak consultant will ask you these questions before renting a vessel but you should be aware of it before ever heading into the shop.
  • Price. There are lots of ways to get discounts while renting a kayak near me – you can easily negotiation bulk discounts for family or a better price if you want the kayaks for a couple of nights.

Kayak Rental Safety

Kayaks are great fun and whenever I have used them I always really enjoy myself. However, it’s very important that you follow proper safety precautions when renting kayaks.

Some of the top safety tips for kayaks are:

1. Always wear a life jacket

Don’t simply have one on board like a lot of people do. Especially if you’re new to kayaking, getting comfortable with a kayak rental can come with it’s rocky beginnings. Be sure that you’re strapped into a kayak.

2. Children shouldn’t kayak alone

If you’re riding with younger children, consider renting a tandem or two-person kayak in order to keep the child as safe as possible.

3. Always tell someone where you will be going

Planning your route and letting someone know where you will be going and staying will ensure your safety in case something happens and you do not make it back when planned.

4. No fooling around

Have fun and enjoy yourself, but keep the shenanigans to a minimum while out on the water.

5. No alcohol while riding your kayak

This one should go without saying but there are a lot of people that still drink and kayak. You are not allowed to consume alcohol while riding any sort of boat, including a kayak.

Single vs. Tandem Kayak Rentals

This is one of the most common questions when couples head out on a kayaking adventure. Should they rent a single kayak or a double or tandem kayak?

Benefits of single kayaks:

  • More maneuverability.
  • More freedom
  • Easier to get in and out

Benefits of double kayaks:

  • More companionship
  • Quicker than single kayaks
  • More storage

As you can see it really depending on what you’re looking for in a kayaking trip. Personally, my wife and I usually always take a tandem or double kayak when we head out on the sea.

Hopefully this helps you find a kayak near me. If you’re looking for more information on kayaking, you can check out this article on wikipedia here.


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