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Iran: Bride killed by stray bullet throughout celebratory gunfire

Mahvash Leghaei, left, was killed by a stray bullet just hours after she tied the knot (Picture: Newsflash)

A woman has died at her own wedding when a stray bullet hit her in the head.

Mahvash Leghaei, 24, was killed instantly when the bullet went through her head, hitting two other guests when it came out the other side.

She was getting married in Firuzabad, Iran, and the gunman is believed to be her new husband’s cousin.

The 36-year-old fled the scene, still carrying the unlicensed high-powered hunting rifle, and was arrested later.

The 24-year-old’s killer is believed to be a cousin of the groom (Picture: Newsflash)

Colonel Mehdi Jokar, a spokesperson for the police, said: ‘We had an emergency call of a shooting at a wedding hall in Firuzabad city and officers were dispatched immediately.

‘The officers discovered that somebody had fired shots with a hunting rifle as part of the local nomad tradition.

‘Unfortunately because of the crowds and the person’s poor control of the weapon, he managed to shoot three people, two men and the bride.’

Ms Leghaei was a social worker helping drug users beat their addictions.

The woman died later in hospital (Picture: Newsflash)

Following the incident, she ended up in a coma and later died in hospital, with her organs donated according to her wishes.

Her uncle said she had only decided to get an organ donor card three months ago.

It is still unclear what consequences her killer will face but firing a gun at weddings, while common, is still illegal in Iran.

Colonel Jokar added: ‘Naturally any disturbance of public order like this crosses the red line with the police need to act, and people need to know that to create a safe community shooting is banned at weddings.

‘We will take tough action against anybody found to be breaking this rule.’

It is a custom in parts of the Balkans, Russia and the Middle East to fire a gun in celebration at events like weddings.

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