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Indian Star Shilpa Shetty Cleared of Obscenity Costs 15 Years After Richard Gere Kiss

Shilpa Shetty is in the clear almost 15 years after Richard Gere kissed her at a public AIDS awareness event in Delhi, India.

The 46-year-old Bollywood star, and India’s Got Talent judge, was finally cleared of all obscenity charges which stemmed from the incident.

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According to reports, via People, a Mumbai court dismissed the case against Shilpa.

The court has called the charges “groundless” and citing that Shilpa was the “victim of an unwanted advance.”

Charges were brought upon both Shilpa and Richard, who had hugged and kissed her on stage during the public event nearly 15 years ago in an attempt to parody a scene from his film, Shall We Dance.

The parody then triggered protests by some radical Hindu groups who considered the public display of affection “an insult to Indian values.”

The charges against Richard were dropped very quickly, and he was allowed to return to India. However, the charges against Shilpa remained.

“What is most important to me is that my intentions as an HIV/AIDS advocate be made clear, and that my friends in India understand that it has never been, nor could it ever be, my intention to offend you,” Richard said in a statement at the time of the controversy.

Just recently, Richard has put his New York home on the market. See inside it here!



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