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Listed here are South Africa’s 18 new Large Brother Mzansi contestants.

by Thinus Ferreira

After a 7 year absence, 18 housemates out of 9 000 people who entered for the revived reality show, walked into the camera-house in Johannesburg on Sunday night during a 2-hour premiere for the 5th season of Big Brother Mzansi, including the show’s first transgender person, a sangoma and an adult content creator.
The 18 housemates range between 21 and 31 and will compete to be the last one standing over 71 days when the winner is announced on Sunday 3 April at 18:00.

The 5th season of Big Brother Mzansi (previously also branded Big Brother SA) is produced according to the Banijay format, with Amanda van Wyngaardt as art director, Dineo Phantshang as series producer, OJ Meketsi as series director, Gbenga Kayode as consulting series director, Jessica Setati as production manager, and with Cecil Barry and Natalie Bleksley as the co-executive producers.

Lawrence Maleka is the presenter.

Sunday night’s 2-hour premiere episode on Mzansi Magic (DStv 161) that will run daily and weekly highlight shows, with a 24-hour Big Brother Mzansi channel running on MultiChoice’s DStv channel 198, featured performances by Kamo Mphela, Chicco, Mello and Sleezy in front of a limited socially-distanced live audience.

Congratulations to the new housemates on an
experience like no other, and one that will undoubtedly change many of their
lives,” said 
says Shirley Adonisi, M-Net director of local entertainment channels.

“We’re excited to have the show back on
air as it’s something viewers have been anticipating, and we have no doubt that
they will not be disappointed.”

The 18 housemates who entered Big Brother Mzansi on Sunday night are:

Adindu Asuzu aka Zino (21), Johannesburg 

self-confessed mommy’s boy, this season’s youngest
housemate describes himself as both bubbly and mellow. He reckons he won’t
start drama – but will be the one to end it. He says his Nigerian side won’t
let people take advantage of him.

Gashwan Brandon Mthombeni aka Gash1 (28),

Having overcome a troubled past, Gershwin is a deep
thinker with varied interests and talents. He’s deeply spiritual and enjoys
giving people advice and motivation.

Gugu Refiloe Bonga aka Terry (26), Johannesburg

Honest almost to her own detriment, the adult content
creator says she has a very big personality and stands for acceptance and
non-judgment. She doesn’t like fake people and considers herself to be very

Keamogetswe Motlhale aka QV (23), Mahikeng

The easy-going Keamogetswe is a sharp-shooter and
straight talker, she has no interest in keeping her annoyance to herself when
someone gets on her wrong side. She describes herself as a tomboy.

Libo Njomba aka Libo (32), Johannesburg

Born in Uitenhage, Libo is an avid lover of life who enjoys
the outdoors. He says people are his weakness and as a result, he tends to
befriend “strange characters” – but also considers himself a loner.

Luthando Mthembu aka B.U (31), Johannesburg

The aspiring musician says one of the highlights of
his life was quitting his high-flying corporate job to follow his artistic
dreams. A vegan, he is focused on centering himself.

Michelle Dimpho Mvundla aka Mphowabadimo (27),

The sangoma describes herself as outgoing and kind,
but says she has “zero tolerance for nonsense”. A doting mom, she is a nurturer
who loves cheering people up when they’re not feeling their best.

Mvelo Ntuli aka Mvelo (28), Johannesburg

Describing himself as loud and lovable, Mvelo is a
lover of people who is passionate about education. Bubbly and candid, he hides
a more complex side behind his infectious humour.

Naledi Mogadime aka Nale (24), Pretoria

A self-described “fine gyal, not a sad gyal”, the
model is as much a firecracker as she is calm and zen. Her strength is being
able to understand and analyse people. Naledi says she might not be everyone’s
cup of tea in the beginning.

Norman Nhlapo aka Norman (24), Johannesburg

The daycare worker has an adaptable personality and is
a sporty person. Despite a tough upbringing, he says his life has been a “bundle of blessings”. He runs a non-profit organisation and daycare with his

Rethabile Potsane aka Dinkybliss (29), Johannesburg

Fashion-loving and bubbly, Rethabile describes herself
as “loud and proud” and says she can transform people’s moods and lift spirits
when she is around. More of a boys’ girl than a girls’ girl, she enjoys

Thando Mcopela aka Acacia  (30), Soweto

Family orientated, Thando describes herself as a free
spirit and a risk-taker. She’s a foodie who loves community and togetherness.
She considers herself relatable and is as comfortable
ekasi as she is in
upmarket suburbs.

Thato Mokoena aka Thato (28), Vaal

Not one to limit herself, Thato is an accountant and
TikToker who describes herself as a “world within worlds”. Bubbly and
energetic, she’s bluntly honest and is comfortable with her transparent nature.

Themba Karabo Mabaso aka Themba (30), Johannesburg

The heavily inked tattoo artist describes himself as “simple”, “basic” and “normal”, and says despite his attention-grabbing looks,
he doesn’t actively seek the spotlight.

Thobeka Mtshali aka Venus (25), Richards Bay

In her own words, when it comes to her “you just never
know what you’re gonna get”. She embodies creativity: she writes music, makes
beats and plays the piano. She considers herself to be a layered person. 

Tulani Madala aka Tulz (28), Johannesburg

A velvet-voiced straight-shooter, Tulani has a
softness beneath his tough exterior. He says he’s single because he was badly behaved in the heyday of his radio DJ career.

Ukho Samela aka Sis Tamara (25), Johannesburg

The multifaceted and bubbly Ukho goes by the pronouns
he/ him/ she/ her/ they/ them. Known as Sis Tamara, they describe themselves as “a gender non-conforming experience”. They are passionate about trans and queer

Yolanda Glover aka Yoli (30), Durban

Outgoing and effervescent, Yolanda describes herself
as “Berocca without the medicine”. She loves being around people and says they
are drawn to her infectious energy. She can sometimes be too honest and upfront
and says she’s an open book.



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