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Hilarious! GHKKPM’s Samrat and Pakhi humorous rendition of those development will make you chuckle hysertically! Examine it Out!

MUMBAI: Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein has this premise,  Virat, a young police officer, marries a woman said to honor the promise he made to her dying father. But when his former lover Pakhi re-enters his life, he finds his heart pulled in both directions. 

The story has gone beyond the premise for a long while now.

These days, the storyline of the show is focusing on Virat and how he is hiding the truth about Shruti from Sai. He feels guilty about it. On the other hand, Sai also suspects that Virat is up to something.

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But amid the high drama and tension in the show, the cast makes sure to keep us entertained off-screen as well. Aishwarya Sharma who plays Paakhi, who is Virat’s ex-love interest in the show is actually married to Neil Bhatt in real life.

Pakhi is married to Samrat played by Yogendra Vikram Singh. Even though on the show they are scheming and have a totally different attitude Behind the scenes , these actors know how to have fun and Aishwarya and Yogendra recently made a reel Together on a funny lip syc audio.

Take a look at the video here:

Neil Bhatt Aka Virat and Aishwarya’s Husband also commented on the post saying, “dekhing’ . The actors seem to have a lot of Fun offscreen.

Meanwhile on the show, Bhavani is shattered as Virat does not listen to her. He refuses to leave Shruti and get Sai back. She tells him that if he has ever considered her as his mother, then he will bring back Sai and break all his relations with Shruti.

Virat refuses to do it and tells them that he will leave the house and go. He won’t come back as he knows that has hurt everyone, but he has no choice.

Bhavani will be shocked as this is the first time Virat didn’t listen to her. She expresses how much Sai has done for the Chavan family, but Virat is adamant about his decision of not telling anyone anything and leaving the house.

It will be interesting to see how would the Chavan family and Sai react after they learn the truth. 

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