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Vacation Weekend Open Thread –

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So: I am not usually a tarot card kind of person, but a friend of mine on Facebook posted about how she was using them as journaling prompts — and these tarot cards looked so stunningly beautiful I figured, HEY, why not, especially for $18.

They arrived two months ago, and I must say they’re absolutely lovely — the cards are nice and sturdy (shuffling is kind of difficult, actually), the illustrations are gorgeous, and there’s something kind of peaceful about laying the cards and getting introspective.

There’s an included little book that tells you different ways to lay the cards (I’ve just been doing the basic 4-card lay), as well as how to interpret each card — every time I’ve done it, whether for myself or as a lark for a friend or family member, it’s given us a lot of food for thought on how we might interpret the cards. After all, it’s kind of revealing what you think it means when the cards talk about “a new journey” or whatnot.

(While we’re talking about journals, isn’t this little Washi tape set cool if you’re bullet journaling on paper? Love the easy months/days/check boxes… )

Happy (long) weekend, all!

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