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How to make money online as a teenager

How to make money online as a teenager


There are many ways to make money online for teens that are both age-appropriate and safe from possible Coronavirus infections. Unfortunately, since the pandemic began, there has been a significant loss in job opportunities as many establishments have had to close their doors or decrease their workforce. However, our innovative youngsters have found a way around this issue with their best friend, the internet, so let’s find out how a teenager can make money online.

How to make money online as a teenager | Easy money-making tips
“Swagbucks” has awarded over $550 million to its subscribers, the majority of which came through gameplay. Photo: Suwaree Tangbovornpichet
Source: Getty Images

As a teen, making money online seems to be the best option to earn some pocket money in this day and age. With the Coronavirus epidemic decreasing options for work opportunities, there are plenty of ways to earn an income from the safety of your home. Read on with Briefly to find out how to make money as a teenager online, and the earning potential may just surprise you!

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How to make money as a teenager without a job online

Are you stuck at home, scrolling through your online shopping cart, and thinking to yourself, how can I make money fast as a teenager? Well, look no further; Briefly has a list of options for you to consider!


Completing surveys may seem laborious, but who’s complaining when it is putting dollars into your wallet? Here are just some sites that teenagers can subscribe to and get paid for answering some questions.

How to make money online as a teenager | Easy money-making tips
You can work with music surveys and potentially earn up to $12 per song. Photo: Ramyr_Dukin
Source: Getty Images

Music surveys

Yes, your read that right! You can get paid to listen to music and write a review. If you are seventeen years or older, you can get paid on average $0.05 to $0.20 for every song you listen to throughout the day, with websites such as MusicXray and Slice the Pie. Playlist Push offers a much higher rate of $12 per song review, but they also have high standards for applicants and require them to have an established following already.

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Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides help with a range of duties, including arranging appointments, creating publications, preparing reports, and sharing material on social networks from the safety of their home.

You do not have to be 18 to work as a virtual assistant, as some sites do not require users to be of a certain age to register. You will just need are solid computing knowledge and the ability to stay organized. Job opportunities for this line of work can be found on Fivver, Pintrest and Indeed.


If you have a passion for the written language, then we have the perfect solution for you. Get your creative juices flowing with a freelance online writing position. The following platforms welcome teenagers:

How to make money online as a teenager | Easy money-making tips
Become a content writer, proof-reader or even start your own blog to earn an extra income from the comfort of your home. Photo: anyaberkut
Source: Getty Images

Get Creative

There has been a boom of available platforms to sell handmade goods and printable designs online, which has allowed many creative types to reach their artistic potential whilst earning an income. However, with the latest “print-on-demand” trend, it has never been easier to get your art out there without the initial costs of printing the products yourself. These websites deal with all the printing, invoicing and sometimes even the delivery of your products while you sit by and rake in the money!

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How can a 14 year old make money online?

The following sites have been deemed worthy for the participation of youngsters from thirteen years and older.

  • Surveys with Toluna, Opinion Outpost and SwagBucks: tens of thousands of paid surveys are available every day on the most popular and trustworthy platforms around. Furthermore, just for registering with SwagBucks, you will earn a complimentary $20 credit.
  • MyPoints: This reputable site is another way for our young adolescents to complete surveys and get paid to watch advertisements. Upon registration and completing five surveys, you will receive a bonus of $10 in your account.
  • Cafepress or Fivver: This is great for a young teen with an artistic streak or a love of graphic design to create and sell their own products, such as T-shirts, décor, stationery, stickers and more. You can begin utilizing these platforms from thirteen years old, but anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 must have parental supervision for the transactions.

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How to make money online as a teenager | Easy money-making tips
Youngsters are making millions through posting videos on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, the revolutionary new way to make big bucks. Photo: Khosrork
Source: Getty Images

How can a teenager make $1000?

Why not play games on your phone or computer and make money at the same time? Since its debut, Swagbucks has awarded over $550 million to its subscribers, the majority of which came through gameplay.

YouTube is definitely another place that has provided money-making opportunities for our youth. EvanTubeHD is a thirteen-year-old content creator who earns $1.3 million per year from his uploads, while Danielle Cohn has generated $2.5 million a year at just fifteen. But, of course, the majority of these peeps make money by offering ads on their channels, so make sure to get yourself paid to advertise on your YouTube Channel.

How to make money online as a teenager | Easy money-making tips
These days one does not even need a PC to work online, as many companies have developed convenient apps from which to operate. Photo: Aleksei Naumov
Source: Getty Images

It is clear that one no longer has to leave the house in order to make money, as our ingenuitive young teenagers have found many ways to earn money online. Although all the sites listed in this article have been deemed age-appropriate, parents should always keep a watch on the transactions on these platforms to err on the side of caution. Nevertheless, we are excited to see all the potential entrepreneurs coming out of the woodwork as they carve a path for themselves in the online industry.

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There are a number of reliable paid internet surveys you may do to supplement your income. Many businesses utilise online surveys to collect consumer feedback while also providing a fantastic chance for people to earn money.

It is, however, difficult to distinguish between legal and fraudulent online paid surveys. Find out which platforms are the best of the best with Briefly.



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