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How to Make Money as a 12, 13 and 14 Year Old

How to Make Money as a 12, 13 and 14 Year Old


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200 Ways to Make Money as a 13 year old
Your kids are 12, 13 or 14, the age where they want more expensive gadgets. They are very capable. BUT they can’t get a job and because they can’t drive. That is what this list is for. Here are 112 ways you can show your kids how they can earn money all by themselves. Your kids or teens will probably be so successful at making money that when they are 15 or 16 and can get a real job, they’ll rather work for themselves. You should now have all the ideas you need so your kids can know exactly how to make money as a 12, 13 and 14-year-old.

Let us know if we can give you any more details on how to make these ideas make real money. (comment below!)

Also, please see how to make money as a kid ages 6-8,     9-11 and How To Make Money As A Teenager as your kids could do everything on those lists as well.

For How To Make Money As A 12, 13 and 14 Year Olds

#1 Swagbucks– Swagbucks is one of the most popular ways for teens (age 13+) to make money online. You can take surveys, watch videos, or just search for stuff online. Make $100 fast in my Swagbucks review.

#2 Start A Website (That Makes Money)- Learn how to start a website/blog as a teen that makes money!  You can earn money everyday even while you’re at school or sleeping. This is the BEST way to make money as a kid. Check out my FREE guide.

#3 Snagajob– If you are 14, you are old enough to get a job. Learn how to find a job near you in 60 seconds in my Snagajob Review. Just remember work to learn not to earn.

#4 Make Money On Instagram– Wouldn’t it be crazy if you could start earning money from Instagram? Yeah, teens can make lots of money on Instagram. Learn how to start making money on Instagram today!

#5 Babysitting– What to be an awesome babysitter? Learn how start babysitting or how to get more babysitting jobs. We have compiled all the most common babysitting questions and resources here to help you become a successful babysitter. Learn more about the Babysitting Business Academy.

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#6 CashCrate– CashCrate is one of the best sites for making money online fast. Make your first $100 by following my the tips in my CashCrate Review.

#7 Fundraising– Sports teams and schools do fundraisers all the time to make loads of money. Why not try a fundraiser just for yourself.

#8 Seed to Cash– Have you every tried gardening? In the Seed to Cash program, you can learn how to make money growing food. How cool is that! Dylan 14, made $195 in his first two weeks. Earn while you learn by making a profit from food grown in your backyard.

#9 Dog Service- Make money walking dogs, scooping poop, or house sitting or do all three at the same time and really start making some cash.

#10 Lemonade– Set up a lemonade stand on a busy street to sell some lemonade or forget the lemonade and go for a soda stand.

#11 Car Cleaning– Clean the interior of people’s cars. The great part about cleaning cars is you can do it once a week or once a month to keep making money.

#12 Mow Lawns- Lawn Mowing Guide coming soon!! In the Cash Academy.

#13 Music Lessons– Play an instrument? Teach others at a lower level than you and get paid. Learn how to teach music lessons.

#14 Bake SaleNeed some quick cash? A bake sale is a great idea especially if you do it at a yard sale.

#15 T-Shirt Business- Have you ever thought of making and selling your own custom t-shirts?  Learn how to make money starting a t-shirt business.

Still looking for the right idea? No problem. Search through our 200+ more ideas below. Just keep looking or download the entire list for free. If you are serious about making money take our free mini course called How To Make Money As A Kid 101 in the Cash Academy.

Learn how “How To Make Money As A Kid” started.

Here are the rest of the ideas that would work well for a 12, 13 and 14-year-old.

      • House Sitting– When people go out of town their home still needs to be taken care of.  Plants need to be watered and pets fed.  House sit for neighbors when they go out of town. House sitting is an easy way to make money for kids.
      • Handyman– Comes are in constant need of repair. Women usually have a huge “honey-do” list but their husbands never get around to doing it.  Offer handyman services to your neighbors to make money as a kid. Learn how to be a handyman here.
      • House Cleaning– Many people struggle to deep clean their homes. Make money as a kid deep cleaning people’s homes. To learn how to make money as a kid house cleaning click here.
      • Fix Computers– If you are a computer wiz then you can make money fixing computers. Learn how Mike makes $20 an hour fixing computers.
      • Make and Sell Soap– Do you like soap? You can make homemade soap and sell it. Learn more about how to make soap for kids.
      • Online Product Reviewer– Build a website or YouTube channel and review products you own on it.  Offer affiliate links to make money selling the product. Learn how Eddie, 14, makes money on his Youtube Channel.
      • Car Interior Cleaning– Clean people’s cars once a week or twice a month.
      • Car Detailing- Deep clean cars inside and out.
      • Movie Editing– If you know how to edit and make videos do it for weddings and other events too.
      • Music Lessons– Whatever instrument you play, teach other kids lessons just like you get taught lessons. Learn how to teach music lessons here.
      • Outdoor Movie– Set up an outdoor movie in your yard. Charge for admission and for popcorn, drinks, and candy. For the how-to guide on how to make money as a kid with an outdoor movie click here.
      • Spook Ally– Build a spook ally during October and charge admission. Learn how to make money as a teen doing a spook alley.
      • Furniture Cleaning– Furniture needs to be cleaned too. Clean and disinfect couches, chairs, beds, etc.
      • Tile Grout Cleaning– The spaces between tile gets really dirty. Clean the grout between tile in kitchens, bathrooms, and showers.
      • Organic Pest Control- Seventeen percent of people are extremely afraid of bugs. Get rid of spiders, ants, and wasps using natural products like diatomaceous earth and essential oils.
      • Paint Fences– Wood and metal fences rot and rust in the rain and sun. Paint fences once a year to keep them from rotting or rusting.
      • Paint Home Exterior– Paint keeps water-damaging water from getting in homes.  Make money as a kid sealing cracks and touching up homes where some extra paint is needed.
      • Epoxy Paint Garage Floors– Having your garage floor epoxy painted prevents oil stains and makes floors look new.  Epoxy paint garage floors to make some extra money as a kid.
      • Paint Garage Interior– Most new home’s garages are left unpainted.  Painting garage interiors are one of the cheapest things to increase the value of a home and makes the garage look and last better.
      • Paint Home Interior- People often want a new look in their home or just need a paint job.  Make money as a kid painting.
      • Power Wash Homes- Homes get dirty and need to be cleaned from dirt, and cobwebs.  Power wash homes to make money.
      • Clean Gutters- In neighborhoods with a lot of trees. Gutters get clogged from leaves and sticks.  Clean gutters on homes to make money as a kid.
      • Holidays Decorations Up/Down Charge your neighbors to help them put up and take down holiday decorations.  Especially on Halloween, and Christmas.
      • Holiday Yard Flags- Everyone loves to feel patriotic. Put flags in people’s yards on national holidays.
      • Game Day Yard Flags- Most people have a favorite sports teams.  Put a flag in yards on game days so they know what team they are rooting for.
      • Christmas Tree Disposal– Get rid of Christmas trees for people after Christmas is over.
      • Babysitting– Earn money babysitting. Here are essential babysitting tips to learn how to start babysitting or if you are already babysitting learn how to earn more money babysitting.

How to Make Money as a 12, 13 and 14 Year Old

      • Aerate Lawns- Make money as a kid fast by renting an aerator and aerating lawns for a couple days.
      • Tree and Bush Trimming- Trees and bushes always need to be trimmed and groomed.  This is a great way to make money as a kid.
      • Planting- There is always new plants that need to be put in the ground.  If you love to plant make money while doing it.
      • Fertilizing- Most lawns could use fertilizer at least four times a year.  Start a quarterly fertilizing service as a way to make money as a kid.
      • Weed’n Feed- Weed’n feed is fertilizer and weed killer all in one.  Make more money and hit two birds with one stone.
      • Edging and Weed Whacking- There are always places the mower can’t get, especially around trees and edges.  Edge and weed whack yards.
      • Organic Plant Pest Control- Plants get eaten by bugs. Use natural products like diatomaceous earth, essential oils and ladybugs can get rid of them.
      • Firewood- Get a firewood-collecting permit, collect branches and chop it into firewood.  Sell it in little bundles to campers.
      • Sell Puppies- Get a good female dog and sell her puppies.
      • Sell Baby Cats- Get a good breed of cat and sell its babies as pets.
      • Sell Baby Rabbits- Rabbits reproduce like crazy.  Make money selling cute fluffy bunnies.
      • Sell Baby Doves- Doves are beautiful fun birds.  Raise and sell their babies.
      • Animal Border- Take care of people’s animals while they are out of town.
      • Animal Trainer- Have you trained your pet?  Train other people’s pets to make money as a kid.
      • Stud Cat– Make money having a licensed pure bread cat, breed females.
      • Stud Dog- Make money having licensed pure breed dog breed females.
      • Car Washing- Wash cars to make money as a kid.
      • Programming- Program games and apps to make money as a kid.
      • Helping Elderly Set Up Electronics- Elderly need help with electronics. Help them set up their TV, blue ray, computers, etc.
      • Digitalize Pictures- Make digital copies of photos people have.
      • Make a Digital Scrapbook- Create quality digital scrapbooks for people using Shutterfly.
      • Movie Conversion- Convert VHS and old home videos to digital copies or DVDs.
      • DVD and Blue Ray Digitizing- Convert DVDs and blue rays to digital copies.  Create a digital video library for people with all their videos.
      • Podcast- Start a podcast and get sponsors.
      • Farmhand- Hire out your time to farmers who always could use an extra hand.
      • Feeding Animals- Feed animals for people.
      • Farm Sitting- Care for animals and farm while people are out of town or on vacation.
      • Hay Hauling Services- Get a group of friends together to haul hay charge a fee and split the money.
      • Goat Milk- Milk goats and milk them and sell it.
      • Sell Baby Pigs- Raise and sell piglets.
      • Board Horses- Care for people’s horses on your farm and charge a monthly boarding fee.
      • Art- Help kids who are struggling in art.  Teach lessons in Photoshop or Gimp.
      • Math- Help kids with their math homework.
      • Writing- Tutor and help kids with their writing and spelling skills.
      • Reading- Help young kids improve their reading skills.
      • Science- Tutor in science and help with science projects.
      • English- Teach grammar and English writing, speaking.
      • Teach a Foreign Language- If you speak another language tutor kids in speaking, reading and writing in that language.
      • Basketball- Coach a kid in basketball.
      • Baseball- Coach a kid in baseball.
      • Soccer- Coach a kid in soccer.
      • Football- Coach a kid in Football.
      • Volleyball- Coach a kid in Volleyball.
      • Archery- Coach a kid in archery.
      • Elderly in Computer Skills- Teach elderly people or your parents in how to use the computer.
      • Face Painting- Put up a face-painting booth at a park or a local city event.
      • Cartoon Portraits- Put up a painting booth and charge to paint a cartoon portrait at a city event or public place.
      • Air Soft- Put together an air soft event or rent out your air soft guns to groups of people who want to play.
      • LARP Battles- Make foam boffer weapons and charge people admission to play Hunger Games or other battle skirmishes.
      • Laser Tag- Build a laser tag course and charge admission.
      • Neighborhood Play- Get the neighborhood kids together and make a neighborhood play. Make money by charging admission to watch the play.
      • Band- Start a band and charge to play at weddings, local events or even hold your own concert and charge admission.
      • Quartet- Put together a singing group and charge to sing at weddings or company parties.
      • Raffle- Set up a raffle where everyone pays a dollar per ticket and whoever’s name is drawn wins the item. This is a way to make more money selling items than by just selling them.
      • Singing- Sing at restaurants.
      • Event Photographer– Photograph people’s events and charge them per hour or sell them the photos.
      • Party Facilitator– Set up and facilitate birthdays and parties put together games and activities for the kids.
      • Personal Assistant/Secretary- Business people always have tons of busy work to get done. Be a secretary for them.
      • Billing and Collections- Many small businesses constantly need to do billing and collections.  Send out their bills to help collect payments.
      • Refereeing- Referee for city league kids sports.
      • Foreclosure Cleaner- When a bank forecloses on home it is often left a mess.  Charge the bank to go and clean those homes.
      • Door Hanger Service- You can build a great way local businesses can advertise by offering to hang flyers on doors at homes around the business.
      • Rent-a-Friend– Give companionship to older or handicap people, play games and talk to them and read books.
      • Vinyl Letters- Set up a door to door service where you can make and sell custom vinyl letters to women.
      • Baby Hair Bows- Make and sell baby hair bows to moms or boutiques.
      • Boffer Weapons- Make play weapons out of PVC and foam to sell them at a city event or to friends.  You can make swords, PVC bows, shields, spears, etc.
      • Potato Guns- Make and sell PVC potato guns.
      • Knitting- Knit blankets, hats and scarves and sell them at local flea markets or to boutiques.
      • Card Making- Make and sell custom cards to boutiques.
      • Car Seat Canopy- Sow and sell car seat canopies to boutiques or on craigslist.
      • Moby Wrap- Sow and sell moby wraps to moms at boutiques or on craigslist.
      • Aprons- Sow and sell aprons at local boutiques or on craigslist.
      • Holiday Decorations- Make and sell custom holiday decorations.
      • Wash Cloth Travel Carrier- Make washcloth travel carriers that carry toothpaste and tooth brushes to boutiques.
      • Christmas Tree Skirts- Sow and sell Christmas tree skirts during Christmas time.
      • Christmas Stockings- Sow and sell Christmas stockings during Christmas time.
      • Bags and Purses- Sow and sell bags and purses at local boutiques or on craigslist.
      • Wreaths- Make and sell custom wreaths to decorations shops.
      • Subway Art- Make and sell subway art.
      • Earring Holder- Make and sell earring holders out of picture frames and wire.
      • Bow Holder- Make and sell baby bow holders.
      • Papier-Mâché Letters- Make and sell papier-mâché letters to boutiques or decoration shops.
      • Kitchen Towels- Sow a strap and button on dishtowels to hang from kitchen stoves and sell them at boutiques.
      • Re-Finishing- Buy and re-finish lampshades, bookshelves, nightstands, bed frames, picture frames and sell them.
      • Custom Planners- Make custom planners for people.
      • Decorative Pillows- Make and sell decorative pillows at boutiques.

If you are struggling to help your kid find a good idea you can always use the process of elimination. Cross off every idea you know you don’t want to do and you will be able to find the last few ideas that will work best for you and your kid. I hope this was helpful for you to help your kids know how to make money as a 12, 13 and 14-year-old. Also, visit the how to make money as a kid categories below as your kids or teens could do everything on those lists as well.

Download the entire list of over 200 ways to make money as a kid for free so you can work through the list with friends or your parents.

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