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Houston Lawyer | Roberts Markland LLP

Houston Lawyer | Roberts Markland LLP


When you hire Roberts Markland to speak for you, you get the full weight of all the firm’s resources to tell your story accurately, so the wrongdoer’s insurance companies pay what they owe.

“Collectively, our firm’s lawyers have more than 125 years of collective hard-core litigation experience representing individuals, families, businesses, and governments in tort cases and business disputes when insurance companies and greedy corporations refuse to pay what they owe. As a result, we understand the most important aspect of our client’s case … is the client.”
~ Sean Roberts, Partner

We are accountable to our clients. We carefully interview them to get a full understanding of the facts.  We return phone calls and emails timely. And in order to provide the best information, we provide online, secured access to our client’s database of court and legal case files.

“All our lawyers are experienced in the courtroom. This means we are able to get our client’s cases scheduled for trial at the earliest possible date and announce “ready” when the case is assigned to trial by the Judge. The pressure of trial allows our lawyers to aggressively negotiate maximum settlements. Our lawyers have a passion for what we do, bringing accountability to wrongdoers.”
~ Clive Markland, Partner

At Roberts Markland, you will never find out after you hire us that we referred your case to another law firm that is tasked with actually handling your case. We are not “client managers” – we stick with our clients from the beginning of the case to collection whether it settles or has to be tried to a jury and manually collected. Our staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. Let Us Speak For You if you want a law firm with experience delivering exceptional results efficiently to You.


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