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England footballer Declan Rice joins #SingYourDialect to perform ‘Rice,Rice, Baby’ in viral karaoke party

England footballer Declan Rice joins #SingYourDialect to perform ‘Rice,Rice, Baby’ in viral karaoke party


If you’ve been on Twitter at any point in the past few nights you’ll have noticed something called #SingYourDialect trending on the website.


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In a nutshell, the trend was essentially a huge Twitter Spaces event which reportedly had more than 150,000 people join on Monday evening, to basically just have a global karaoke event.

Anyone who was anyone was getting involved from Premier League football clubs, actor John Cena, TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal, YouTuber KSI, rapper Lethal Bizzle, the Somalian Embassy and Nigel Farage all popping in to see what was going on.

There are also unconfirmed reports that former president Barack Obama was listening in to people’s renditions of tunes like Sweet Caroline, Waterloo and Robbie Williams’ Angels.

The gigantic group karaoke party returned on Tuesday night with West Ham and England footballer Declan Rice getting in on the action to sing a version of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby except he changed the lyrics to ‘Rice Rice Baby’.

All in all, this really isn’t that bad an effort from the 22-year-old midfielder and it’s fair to say that plenty of people were impressed.

Even Rice himself had to have a chuckle.

The entire craze was created by 18-year-old Jacob McLaughlin who started by first inviting just four friends only for the entire thing to blow, mostly thanks to football fans on Twitter.

The new feature is basically a virtual hangout for people where the host has the power to let anyone join in and speak or, for this instance, sing. Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, McLaughlin explained that he had seen another account try a similar thing but the host was only letting people sing if people followed them back.

“I see it as a celeb versus the people karaoke radio show,” said McLaughlin who is now planning to run the event on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays after 7pm “when everyone’s had their tea and they’re all winding down.”

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