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Do you have to take a bunch journey? All the things you Must Find out about group journey

Before I started blogging I never even thought about group travel. Now, I’ve taken dozens of group trips and even hosted a few tours myself! There are so many benefits to organized travel so I wanted to share the pros and cons, along with my experience.

I’ve taken many group trips over the years and most recently traveled with Globus through Northern California. Specifically, we did the “California Dreaming Tour” which was 9 days from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park.

I think group travel is especially wonderful if you’re a solo traveler, you want to make friends along the way, or you don’t want to plan your entire trip on your own.

With Globus, we had a built in guide, hotels were booked, and tours were scheduled. Things like access to Yosemite National Park (you can wait hours to get in!) were taken care of. I also got to make lots of new friends and share my travel experience with them.

Choice Touring by Globus allows travelers flexibility, and freedom, to have scheduled tours, along with free time to explore on your own.

Why Take an Organized Group Trip?

The People

The number one benefit is the people you meet. Usually, you’ll find like-minded people who want to explore and learn and are interested in the destination. I’ve made some of my greatest friends on group trips.



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