Traveling through the Australian Outback: a unique experience to try

The island-continent is a travel destination that often attracts beach lovers for seaside vacations. Especially since off the Australian coast is the famous Great Barrier Reef which makes Australia famous worldwide. But the hinterland also deserves to be discovered at least once during a stay in the land of kangaroos. 

Precisely, the famous Australian Outback also has its own charm which contrasts remarkably with the coast. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to live a unique experience by traveling through the “red heart” of Australia thanks to its undeniable attractions to see as much as possible.

The points of departure to consider when visiting the Australian Outback

There are several drop-off points to consider if you want to explore the Australian Outback. This is particularly the case of the capital of the State of South Australia which is to be favored as your main travel destination from abroad. Indeed, you can land in Adelaide thanks to its international airport served by several external flights from New Zealand, China, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, etc.

Moreover, this Australian city is also the starting point or possibly the arrival point of the famous The Ghan. This is an exceptional train that now connects Adelaide and the capital of the Northern Territory, Darwin, on an incredible journey of 3,000 kilometers through the Outback. In this regard, making this extraordinary crossing by train of the “red heart” of Australia is an unforgettable experience to try at least once in life. You can thus take The Ghan either to Darwin or to Adelaide according to your wishes.

Otherwise, the small town of Alice Springs is also another base to consider if you are already there in Australia. It is almost equidistant with Adelaide and Darwin (1,530 km and 1,498 km respectively) in the heart of the Outback. It is also an obligatory stage if you have opted for a crossing with The Ghan. In addition, Alice Springs also has an airport served daily by domestic flights from several major Australian cities (Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, etc.)

On the other hand, the village of Yulara, which is located on the edge of the famous Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Outback, is also one of the drop-off points to consider. The latter is an almost obligatory step to visit the region and especially the unmissable Uluru (Ayers Rock). It is one of the emblematic Australian natural sites which, among other things, make the world reputation of the “red heart” of Australia. Thanks to its small airport served by domestic flights, it is thus possible to get there directly by plane.

As you will have understood, there is a wide choice of drop-off points to take into account which will allow you to discover the remarkable Australian Outback. Moreover, those mentioned above are often among the stops offered by most tour operators during an organized tour. Precisely, go here in case you want to make a personalized visit of the “red heart” of Australia.

The must-see sites to discover in the Australian Outback

In the majority of cases, Adelaide is usually the starting point by road to visit the Australian Outback. You can indeed rent a car in the capital of the State of South Australia if you do not opt ​​for an organized tour. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to take full advantage of the remarkable attractions of the “red heart” of Australia allowing you to experience unforgettable adventures during a road trip.

If that’s your case, around a five-hour drive will take you to one of the Outback’s must-see landmarks from Adelaide. These are the spectacular Flinders Ranges , an exceptional 400 km long mountain range that stretches as far as the eye can see towards the heart of the Outback. Thus, do not miss Wilpena Pound which is an extraordinary and gigantic natural amphitheater which spreads over approximately 80 km². It is characterized by impressive cliffs and mountains that surround it. Speaking of which, you have the option of flying over it, which offers a breathtaking view of this natural amphitheater from the heights.

Moreover, it would also be regrettable to skip Ayers Rock during your exploration of the Outback. Especially since you can easily get there by plane to save yourself long hours of driving. But if you have enough time, then this is another adventure to try as much as possible during your stay in Australia through the Outback. In any case, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in which this emblematic block of rock is sheltered is definitely worth a visit. A single day will be enough for you to see it and especially to take part in various tourist excursions in the region. In particular the hikes which can require up to 4 hours of walking.



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