Traveling solo: a real YOLO trend

Go alone on a whim to the other side of the planet? The idea crossed more than one. But what about the much admired and dreaded solo travel trend ? The Lastminute site looked at this profile of travelers to understand how they travel and find out if their practices really differ from other travelers who go as a couple, with family or friends. Solo travel , myth or reality?

Why does solo travel seduce the French?

We all have travel dreams in mind . But everything becomes more complicated to organize when you have to coordinate with one or more partners . It is still necessary to have acquaintances who have the same desires as us. Then, you have to have the possibility of taking leave at the same time… Complicated conditions to meet which often lead to abandoning the project… unless you opt for the solo option ! Zero constraints , no need to consult each other. If you have the courage and the desire, it’s a perfect solution to make your travel dreams come true!

A relatively stable YOLO trend for a few years

While the majority of bookings on Lastminute concern stays for 2 or more travellers, solo travelers represent a significant share of bookings: in  2022 ,  solo travelers  thus represented  33% of bookings  compared to 67% for travelers leaving with 2 or more . A figure in slight decline since in  2022 , solo travelers represented up to  42%  of overall bookings over the year.

This trend responds perfectly to what the acronym YOLO tells us, referring to the English expression “You Only Live Once” which means “We only live once” . An expression widely used by Internet users on discussion forums, particularly on the subject of travel .

Going on a solo trip is often done on a whim

The majority of travelers who book a solo trip do so at the very last minute! Of the total reservations made during the 3 months preceding departure,  75% of reservations are made during the last month , more than half of which the week just before departure. And of all the reservations made during the last week, a quarter of them are made the day before departure!

Traveling alone doesn’t mean going against the crowds…

Going alone does not mean wanting to isolate yourself at all costs. Indeed, solo travelers prefer the summer months, and August  mainly, to leave, as do all French people. September   is also popular among solo travellers, relieved of the stresses of back to school .

Solitary travellers, brave but not reckless, and especially city dwellers!

If in the imagination, going alone often means going far to live the adventure with a capital A, solitary travelers do not ultimately venture that far and prefer city breaks to nature or seaside stays. Indeed, the major French cities are well represented in the top 10 solo destinations; Paris in the lead, representing  39% of solo trips , Nice in 4th place  , Marseilles in 6th , followed by Lyon in 7th place  . Marrakech and Lisbon  also seem to be good options to get away for a few days and spend time alone with yourself.

Solo travellers, precarious travellers?

Traveling alone doesn’t necessarily mean traveling more precariously either. On the contrary, solo travelers pay particular attention to their comfort while traveling. 35% of reservations concern 4* hotels , 32% for 3 star hotels, 10% in 2 star hotels, and only 3% concern hotels with 1 star. Finally,  7%  of lucky solo travelers treat themselves to a night in  a 5-star hotel.

Because traveling alone also means traveling more freely, solo travelers favor flight+hotel stays, offering them greater freedom to choose what they want to do; flight  + hotel stays thus represent 75%  of all bookings by solo travellers, compared to only 25% for all-inclusive stays.

To summarize: advantages and disadvantages

What are the advantages of traveling alone?

Everything is simpler, you are 100% in control of your itinerary and what you want to do, no need to consult. it also forces you to reach out to others more, so traveling alone allows you to better immerse yourself in the local culture.

What are the disadvantages of solo travel?

The main drawback is the budget. When there are several of us, we can better rationalize the costs with group reservations. When you’re alone, you have to be smart… You also have to pay attention to your safety, especially when you’re a woman.

What are the favorite solo destinations of the French?

The top 10 are Paris, Tunis, Casablanca, Nice, Marrakech, Marseille, Lyon, Algiers, Lisbon and Brussels. But for the more adventurous, we can only advise you to explore another continent: America, Asia or Oceania are perfect for a solo road trip!



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