Tips for traveling by car on your vacation

You master the technique of the trunk  and how to fit each suitcase, bag or travel bag as if it were a great tetris. You already know the difference between a summer tyre , a winter tyre, and an all season tyre. You know that taking care of your car in summer  will guarantee a safe and calm trip and that summer breakdowns  (at least some) can be avoided. You are almost ready for your car vacation. From Goodyear we offer you the basic tips to enjoy your holidays on the road , whatever your destination.

Tips for traveling by car

  • check your tires
  • adapt your driving to the weather
  • plan long trips with stops and rests
  • protect your car from theft
  • plan your trip with children
  • check the traffic regulations in the countries you travel to
  • consult the European map of low emissions

check your tires

You should do it once a month and more frequently in hot weather. It guarantees that your summer vacations (or any time of the year) take place safely. Tires are your first direct contact with the road. Whether your trip is comfortable and safe will largely depend on its good condition. Why should you check the pressure? Incorrect  pressure in your tires  affects steering, braking and fuel consumption. The braking distance to go from 90 km/h to 70 km/h is 40 meters with 2.0 bar; but with 1.0 bar this distance is extended up to 45 meters, braking 5 meters further. Checking the condition of your tires  will also prevent wear and possible blowouts on the road and will ensurepass the ITV without problems . Choosing suitable tires  will even allow you to save fuel.

Adapt your driving to the weather

Rain, storms, sun, wind, snow… Whether on your summer or winter vacations, you should always keep in mind that we must always adapt our way of driving to the weather conditions. It is just as important to know how to drive in the sun  to avoid eyestrain and act safely in the face of glare on the road, as it is to deal with the aquaplaning effect  on wet surfaces, as well as driving in fog or with poor visibility conditions on the road . In any adverse situation it is essential to adjust the speed and be especially careful with the safety distance and our road signs.

Tips for long trips

Facing a long road trip can bring difficulties such as fatigue that you should take into account when planning your route. Prevention is cure: plan stops and rest 10 or 15 minutes every 2 hours of driving, even if you are not tired. Stay hydrated, get fresh air and stretch your legs to reactivate yourself and avoid the feeling of fatigue that can be aggravated on summer trips due to the heat and sun. Wear sunglasses to drive . When driving alone, turn on the radio or listen to music , it will help you stay alert and attentive to the road.

Protect your car from theft

Avoiding being robbed  is not always in your hand but do not make it easy for thieves. Basic: park in well-lit areas, do not leave the car keys inside and close all the windows. It’s obvious but basic. In the same way, never leave valuables inside the car or valuable documentation. Turn the wheels toward the curb and block the vehicle. Evaluate the possibility of installing an anti-theft system not only for your pleasure trips on the road but also for your daily routine.

Plan your trip with children

At Goodyear, we have a master’s degree in tips to make  traveling with children more bearable . We have the most suitable plans and destinations, food tips on the road and tricks to make your trips more fun. It is important to involve them in the trip by packing their own suitcase, for example, and looking for games and activities in the car to occupy the hours of travel. Golden rule: plan stops every few hours for them to play and the whole family can rest, hydrate and stretch their legs.

Check the traffic regulations in different countries

If you are going to travel through different European countries by road, check the traffic regulations beforehand to avoid surprises. You will see that the same questions are not mandatory in all countries and some may surprise you. For example, in Switzerland and Italy it is mandatory to have daytime running lights on, France carries out two breathalyzer tests and in Germany when driving at 120 km/h it is mandatory to keep a distance of 60 m. Be careful not to use hands-free with helmets in France and to carry a GPS or smartphone that announces where the speed cameras are.

Locate low emission zones in Europe

Around 220 cities in 14 European countries have defined low emission zones where access to polluting vehicles is restricted and where benefits are offered to vehicles with alternative fuels, such as hybrids or those that emit zero emissions. Check our Goodyear map to know its location and have a safe trip and a perfect vacation on the road.

Checking the set-up of your car (tyres, battery, motor, lights…), planning your route and stopping every two hours, charging the car safely and making sure that children and pets travel with the fundamental safety measures are other of the basic tips for a car trip .



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