How to get your car ready to travel

Before leaving on a trip, it is essential that you check your car to see that everything is in order. Even if you have carried out a review relatively recently, it is recommended that you do a quick and simple check-up of your vehicle to avoid all kinds of unforeseen events on the road and have your car ready for the holidays. There is nothing better than starting the holidays on the right foot!

When you study to get your driver’s license, you have to learn some basic things about car mechanics. Like oil levels, antifreeze, windshield wipers, lights, brake fluid, tires…etc. Well, all these points are the ones that you have to check in your car before leaving on a trip. It is very easy to remember them!

At bp we help you find out what items you need to check in your car before leaving on a trip so that you don’t have any problems on the way to your destination.

 1. Oil level :

In order for engine parts to be well lubricated it is important to check the car’s oil levels. According to the maintenance book of each manufacturer, you must put one type of oil or another. 

When you open the hood you will find a dipstick located next to the engine, it is the dipstick that we will use to measure the oil. It is important to check that this is between the maximum and minimum levels marked, indicated with two lines or dots. The first measurement is not valid, a second must be done after having cleaned the tip well with a cloth, this will be the final valid check. 

But be careful, this measurement must always be done with a cold engine! We must wait at least half an hour if the engine has just been stopped.

2. Antifreeze :

Another element to check in your car before leaving on a trip is the antifreeze liquid. To maintain the temperature of a car’s engine at good levels, it is essential to check that the level of antifreeze is adequate.

The expansion vessel is usually made of transparent white material and the lid is black or blue. To check the level of the antifreeze you must look at the maximum and minimum marks that are on the side of the reservoir. As long as it is between the two, the fluid level is adequate.

3. Windscreen wipers : 

One of the most important things to check before going on a trip. Both rain, dirt or mosquitoes can stick to the windows of your car, preventing you from having good visibility.

First of all, check if the windshield washer reservoir is full. In the event that it is not, introduce the liquid carefully, do not fill it to the top so that it does not overflow. Finally, check if when activating the windshield wiper, it comes out correctly.

Windshield washer fluid is very important if you want to have an optimal view of the road!

4. Brake fluid :

You will be able to check the brake fluid on the hood of your car on the driver’s side. When the liquid is new it is yellowish in color, but over time it acquires a brown color and it will have to be replaced with a new one.

Be careful!, there are several types of liquids, in your car’s manual you will see which is the corresponding one. If the fluid level is very low, it may have been a long time without changing it, or it may be due to a leak. If you have not changed it for more than two years, we recommend that you put it in the hands of a professional.

5. Tires :

The last essential point that we recommend you check in your car before leaving on a trip are the tires.  
If you detect failures and loss of grip on the asphalt, check the condition of your wheels to see if they have any imperfections: cuts, lack of air..

As a rule, tires cannot have a depth less than 1.6mm, although manufacturers recommend not driving with tires that do not reach a depth of at least 3mm.

When the tread has worn down and is at the same level as the depth indicator, that is when your tires have a tread depth equal to or less than 1.6mm. So, we recommend that you take them to the workshop to change them for new ones before leaving on a trip!       

All cars need minimal maintenance from time to time. If you have not checked your car for a long time and you are also planning your next road trip, you already know what elements you should check in your car before leaving on a trip. And just as of June 1, a new regulation has been implemented in the technical inspections of vehicles , making the measures stricter, so having the car ready never hurts.



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