Foreigners Must Leave Thailand By September 26 Thai Immigration News


Foreigners Must Leave Thailand By September 26 Thai Immigration News
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Thai Immigration officials are warning all foreigners on short-term visas That They Must Make Arrangements to Leave the Country, Before September 26th. A ‘Visa Amnesty’ in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, was recently extended until that date,

But Thai immigration authorities want to make it very clear, there will Be No Further Extensions.

Except in the case of illness or other ‘Mitigating’ Circumstances.

At the time of recording this video, I wasn’t able to find out what qualifies as ‘Mitigating’ Circumstances. And Get This… If you are too ill to travel, you must present yourself at the nearest immigration office, with a Medical Certificate, that confirms you are unable to travel. Can You See the Obvious Here… If you are too ill to travel, you probably won’t be able to present yourself at your local Thai immigration office, because you’re too ill to travel! But This is Thailand. And so, nobody appears to have thought of that, or the fact that your illness might be contageous. Awesome logic on behalf of the powers that be in Thailand.

But I Digress… In the event of there being no flights operating, or a new virus outbreak in your home country,

you should immediately contact your embassy for a letter of confirmation, that requests you be granted a temporary stay in the Kingdom.

This letter should be presented at your nearest Immigration office.

Should you be given leave to remain, it will not exceed an extra 30 days.

Stop and let that sink in. You can’t go home.

Because you’re not allowed to. Thailand allows you to stay an extra 30 days, but then you have to leave.

I wonder where they think all these people will leave to?

Think your nation’s embassy will rush to help you?

HaHa Think again.

In the lead up to the expiration of the visa amnesty last month, Just before it was extended again,

Sorry, I just have to ask, what’s with the crazy sunglasses? They look like the Bad Guys in a B-rated 1970s, Very Badly Dubbed, Kung Fu Movie… Anyway… Several Embassies said they would Not provide letters to support short term visa extensions.

The UK and US Embassies Specifically said they definitely Wouldn’t.

Way to go UK and the USA! Awesome to see you Leading The Way in doing absolutely nothing to help your citizens who are stranded overseas.

Not Surprisingly, The Australian Government took the

opposite path, and said they’ll gladly help their citizens in Thailand, as they are stuck in the Kingdom through no fault of their own. Way To Go Australia! So, If You’re in Thailand On A Short Term Visa, You’ll need to contact your Embassy ASAP if you’re seeking such documentation and discuss your personal situation.

Those On Long Term Visas Can Breathe a Sigh Of Relief [for Now.] Expats whose long-term visas are due for renewal will need to submit an application for an extension of stay at their local immigration office, as per usual.

Thai Immigration says that all extensions will be effective from September 27th,

and people are urged to apply in advance to avoid overcrowding at immigration offices.

Translation: If you aren’t camped outside the immigration office at 5am in the morning, you’ve got Buckley’s chance of being seen.

Seriously – hurry up and get it done fast, or you’ll regret it. As a moratorium on 90 day reporting was introduced during the current crisis,

all those who did not file a 90 day report during the period March 26 to July 31, are now required to do so during the month of August.

8 Questions To Consider…
#1. Many of These People Have Already Run Out of Money. And Air Travel Prices Have Exploded!

#2. If Their Home Countries Aren’t Accepting In-Bound Flights, Seriously, Where On Earth Does Thailand Expect Them to Go to?

#3. What Will Happen to Those Who Cannot Get Embassy Help?

#4. How Would Thailand React If “Their Citizens” Were Treated This Way?

#5. Do You Agree With The UK and USA Embassies’ decision to Point-Blank Refuse to Help Their Citizens At This Desperate Time Of Need?

#6. Where On Earth Will These People Go to? Any Suggestions? Please Leave Them in the Comments.

#7. What Do You Think of Thailand’s Handling of This Situation? Keep in Mind, The Bulk of These People Were Tourists. And Now They’re Stuck. Stop and Really Let That Sink In…

#8. What Message Does This Send to Any Potential Tourist in the Future?



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