Secure Your Home Now With This U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock and Take 28% Off


U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock | $144 | Meh

Safety is sexy. Wait no, smart. Wait no. Sexy and smart. If you’re looking for an upgrade in the home security realm but aren’t interested in a total overhaul maybe a smart lock is what you were thinking of. Ultraloq has this U-bolt smart lock with a keypad and WiFi adapter that you can save $55 on today.

This lock does in fact have smartie pants on. This deadbolt offers six-ways to get into your house. You can use the app, a fingerprint, a code, the auto-lock, a magic shake, or the old fashioned mechanical key. This fancy lock will also monitor your home for you while you’re away. You can also access your door remotely so say you forgot your pal was walking your dogs while you were on vacay, well you can still get them from afar without keys. It’s designed for any standard door and no drilling or wiring needed. Easy to install and easy to use. Just think of a clever code only you will know.

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