Passengers entering UK could be quarantined for 14 days


Published on Monday, April 27, 2020

People entering the UK could be quarantined for two weeks in a move designed to help stem the spread of Coronavirus, according to reports.

Government officials are said to be working on a plan similar to those being implemented in other countries for arrivals at UK sea and airports.

According to The Sunday Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday, the move is intended to stop fresh cases arriving from abroad when the Government rolls out its ‘track and trace’ scheme to identify and isolate new infections as the lockdown is relaxed.

The scheme, which requires people to stay at a registered address after arrival into the country, is said to have been agreed by ministers and officials last week and could be rolled out as early as next month.

It’s reported authorities would be allowed to visit registered addresses of arrivals to ensure they are not breaking their quarantine and that anyone who breaks the rules would be fined or prosecuted.

A Government source said: “A stringent, Singapore-style approach at our ports will help the UK manage the risk from travellers entering the country and reduce the possibility of a second peak. 

“We are looking at deploying these measures at the right time, in line with the scientific advice and when community transmission has been significantly reduced.”

Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Greece and Singapore are among countries that have already implemented a 14-day quarantine system.

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