Outreach Group Travel – 2 of 6 – Best for Whom?


Best for Whom? – video 2 of 6 – The Outreach Group Travel medical insurance, provides superb short-term group travel medical coverage for those traveling outside the United States of America. This GNI custom group travel medical insurance, is made specifically for short term travel for those taking group teams for a few days up to 12 months outside the U.S.

Travel medical benefits, emergency medical evacuation benefits, terrorism coverage, and accidental death and dismemberment are a few of the medical and travel insurance benefits you have for your group team with Outreach Group Insurance, You also have the option to add adventure sports coverage to your short-term team travel insurance benefits.

For the most up-to-date information on our travel medical insurance options please –
• visit our web page at
• or call one of our international expat and travel insurance agents at 480-813-9100 or toll free at 866-636-9100 here in Gilbert, Arizona, USA
• or email us at info@gninsurance.com

Safe Travels – from your GNI Team here in Gilbert, Arizona!

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