10 Things I Love Sunday


Happy weekend! It’s a bit of a special week for us because Todd and I are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary (it was on July 9, but celebrating this weekend) and I really can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. Totally one of those things that has gone by so quickly but also feels like there was never a “before” as well. I met Todd when I was 17 and I’m 35 now, sooo if you do the math that’s almost 20 years of getting to be around him and he’s still my favorite person I know … technically he’s my #1 thing that I love today (sappy, I know!), but here’s 10 more just to round out the list …

1. This tie dye set (pants and top in pastel pink color) is making me so happy right now …

2. With the collection I’ve started, I think I need this scrunchie holder for my dresser—so helpful!

3. Such a good tea towel set.

4. Love this gal pal print!

5. I could live in this—a good denim look is never out of my wardrobe.

6. Since we were kind of limited in what we could do for our 10-year wedding anniversary with everything going on, I wanted to think of a way to still make it special for Todd and I, so I asked all the members of our wedding party and our parents to send me a little message or video to surprise Todd with and I’m so excited to show him this weekend! Some people got really creative, but it was just so great to see people’s faces and and I know he’s going to be so surprised!

7. Is this the perfect kid’s rug? I think it may be.

8. If miss going out to brunch (hello, I feel you there!), these pancakes are so good and super easy to make at home. I’ve totally been dreaming about a big stack of these this week.

9. This dining table is just too good.

10. Awww, the cutest juicer!

Sometimes it’s definitely frustrating to have to adjust how you celebrate happy things in the midst of the virus, but then again, I guess it’s always good to just be grateful you have something happy to celebrate at all, right? Hope your weekend had some happy things going on in your world as well! xo. Laura

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