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10 Straightforward Nail Artwork Tutorials (Step-by-Step)

Ready to take your nail game to the next level? Today, we’re sharing easy nail art tutorials that you can do at home!

You can even listen to your favorite podcast while you do these. Wink, wink.

First on the list? Easy galaxy nails. Black nail polish mixed with shades of blue and purple (and silver sparkle) creates a really cool galaxy effect.

Tip: A lot of our nail art tutorials require makeup sponges. You can get them for super cheap!

Our gold stripe nail tutorial is “simple meets glam.” This nail tape comes in a bunch of colors, so you can customize your nails however you’d like.

Here’s a really easy and cute idea: a wink wink manicure. It’s truly the definition of “nail art” since you can choose any design to draw on your nails. Don’t forget to use a top coat!

We love holographic anything … especially this hologram dot nail art. You could use neon triangles instead of dots if you’re feeling extra fancy.

How cute is this ombre heart mani? A small/firm brush (or a kit like this) is another helpful tool to have when doing your nails at home.

You really can’t go wrong with gold star confetti nails

Laura used glitter nail foils to create this look. Again, so many color options and patterns to choose from!

Simple nude mani (3 ways!)

Here are 3 ways to take a classic nude mani to the next level using tip guides, a small paintbrush, and painter’s tape.

The possibilities are endless when you have a gold nail charm kit. You can get the same look with our grunge glam studded nail tutorial.

These pastel sherbet nails are perfect for spring or summer. If you’ve never tried a water marble technique for your nails, you have to right now.

We hope this roundup inspires you to try something new! xo, The ABM Team.

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