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10 Greatest Video Video games of 2022 (So Far), Ranked

There is no shortage of incredible gaming.

The video game market is full of a ton of fantastic options across various platforms, and players are loving the latest offerings in 2022 – from thrilling fantasy action-RPGs, to delightful puzzle games, to rich storytelling narratives.

Over the past few months, several titles have made their way to the top of the lists for their elaborate designs, playability and overall fun factor.

We’ve rounded up the 10 titles currently boasting the highest ratings on Metacritic, a critic review aggregator, and ranked them from lowest to highest. (Note: as some games are available across different platforms and have different ratings based on the platform, we selected the game’s highest rating.)

Do you play any of these titles already?

Find out which video games are considered the best of the year (so far)…



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